Support For Android Custom Notification Sounds

I use Pagerduty for work and I’m forced to keep an android phone around for the PD app. Custom notification sounds aren’t supported in the android compatibility layer, meaning that if I got paged at night it would play the normal, quiet (possibly Do Not Disturb’d) notification sound rather than an alarm. Being able to select android apps which are allowed to play custom notification sounds and bypass silent mode would let me use Sailfish full time.


Have you tried using it with Do Not Disturb access in Android settings? Not sure if it would make a difference, but maybe.

I just sideloaded PD onto my phone and I’m not quite sure, actually. PD doesn’t fire off any notifications at all so I’m not sure whether the noise would play if a notification actually went through.

In Android settings you can go to special access, under app settings, and find ‘do not disturb access’… I don’t use PD, so can’t test…

Yeah, I went in and tweaked the settings. I enabled notifications and PD notifications aren’t coming through at all so I don’t know whether there’s no source because it’s being DND’d or because no notifications are firing in the first place.