Support DNS over HTTPS

…for the browser. Firefox has this option. Also i don’t know if this makes sense anywhere else on the OS.

If there is one DNS-Owner/Structure everyone has to trust, like in FF, I am not sure if we will loose more, than we can win.
If one could configure her/his DNS freely, things would be different.
I personally disagree with FFs move to cloudflare although you can configure FF for other providers.


This should be part of the system, like in glibc, not for every app using it’s own resolver and settings.

I can imagine the reasoning for the US market, where providers are abusive and sell user profiles, but Sailfish is not aimed at the US market and I would think that the European market is much more sane. There is no rush for DoH for Sailfish.

When glibc incorporates DoH, maybe it can be incorporated and used. Personally I am very happy with using a custom hosts file and block bad hosts. An implementation with DoH should offer this too.


And, as a general solution, DNS overt HTTPS doesn’t seem a much better approach, from a security point of view:

Helps circumvent the block list of my ISP and IMO this is as a good thing.

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I use Keweon with modified resolv conf and Keweon cert. I know custom DNS is generally considered “sketchy”, but his reputation is good for several years now, and I have used it with very good performance for the last few years on Android and SF, so I feel fine about it.