[Suggestion] Phone App setting with shortcuts on numbers in dialer

I would like to be able to use the numbers 2-9 in the phone app for fast calling shortcuts. The settings app for the phone app should also make it possible to choose, what should be visible, when you open the app:

  • dialer
  • last calls
  • phone book
    I would like to have the dialer with those numbers - or for now while waiting - the phone book - both are not available as first pages.

Are you aware that fast calling a contact is already possible? If you open the people app, you have the favourite contacts in top of the list.

The setting was already requested a long time ago in this question or this question

No, I have not been aware. Thank you!
Still, with those favourites I need to make at least one tap more. I just like the “old way”. I would even prefer to unlock the phone and then directly have the phone app open - instead of the home screen. :wink:

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I agree dexic’s suggestion.
This is less for the last dialed numbers because this already works perfect, but more for easy access to important numbers, even if not used in the last few days.
E.g. Mother, husband, children, doctor,…
It should better be a 4th tab to the existing 3 (keyboard, history, persons), named e.g. Quick or similar. There a page with 10 names and to each name a phone- and a SMS icon, that acts immediately on fingertap, or only asks what SIM card to use in double SIM card phones.
Thats my idea & suggestion.

edit: just now I checked, what is possible in the ‘persons’ (or phonebook) tab and found a solution, maybe also satisfying dexic’s wishes:

In the phonebook:
enter an entry you want to have a shortcut for,
in the upper right corner is an asterisk. Tap this asterisk, it will turn white.

This entry appears now in the phonebook as shortcut inside a sqare below
the search line and above the last dialed numbers and the alphabetic list.

edit: In the German translation the phonebook tab is named ‘Personen’, this is engl. persons. I consider this as an unlucky translation, because 1. it is a well equipped database and 2. it can also contain a company or business, a shop or an organisation,…

I suggest ‘Kontakte’ or ‘Telefonbuch’ for the German translation.

edit: I tried to suggest this in translate.sailfish.org, but I couldn’t find where it is! Please can someone tell me?

You can add shortcuts to lockscreen and then use it from pulldown menu in lockscreen.

It’s this one:

And what is interesting is that another “people” string is translated to “contacts” in the contact application, see:

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Thank you dcaliste, I looked there and someone other had yet suggested ‘Kontakte’ , what is well better than ‘Telefonbuch’ because it’s shorter.

The English source string is called ‘People’, which doesn’t include businesses either, it isn’t an issue specific to the German translation.

Already doing this. :slight_smile: