Suddenly 'The device has been permanently locked'

No idea what did happen during this night, but now I can’t access phone anymore. Is there any tricks to get an access at least to the data on phone or its gone forever? Is it possible to do recovery from such a state?


Make sure to use the correct guide for your device…

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Thanks, I know what recovery mode is. My question was rather about restoring data from encrypted partition.

Ah, I beg pardon, just checked and it seems it have dedicated item about ‘permanent lock’. Cool, will try it!

And as well an article about data :wink:

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Thanks everybody! Incomplete and buggy OS compensated by nearly instant community advice - that’s what I mostly like about SFOS :slight_smile:


Hello - I had such a problem too. I bought a used Sony Xperia 10ii with SFOS 4.3 and the seller gave me the code for it. Unfortunately it didn’t work anymore. So I tested for a long time and on the first it was the code “123456”. The seller didn’t know why that happened either. You can test that too …

Thanks, my issue was already solved (by my own number).