Sudden increase in CPU-Load (in nice=low priority) after Reboot

Hey there,

i have a unexpected and sudden increase in CPU-Load on the lower priority level (nice) after a reboot last week. And, while nothing changed around that date (no update, no new apps e.g.) i am a little bit puzzled.

The only thing i can connect to the increase is the change of my protection cover from a folding one with magnet to a usual bumper 3 days before the reboot and a drop of the phone 4 days before the increase.

Does anyone have a idea for troubleshooting or have similar experiences?

Thanks up front. :slight_smile:

Edit: i can outrule:

  • network connections (Flight mode)
  • Aliendalvik
  • Caldav/Carddav & Exchange
  • gps

‘new’ users can only one image …mimimi :wink: …here is the second image

Which app generates those nice graphs?

Do you have the harbour-owncloud app and its additional daemon installed?

To me those look like they are from SystemDataScope. I use it with my XA2.

its SystemDataScope via Openrepos. You can handle the app via Storeman. But it depends that a deamon called collectd runs all the time on your system.

Nope. An there are no new apps in general on this specific date (9.11.2020).

Ok, to whom it may concern: It was the tracker-miner-fs which caused the problem.

Tracker harvests all media/document folders in Sailfish device and in the memory card (if any), creating a registry of files found.

Maybe because of new offline navigation maps and there huge load of tiles who consists of separate tiles. Idk. Also i have absolut no clue, why the error survived multiple reboots…

But after all:
devel-su tracker reset -r
did the trick and now everything is fine. :slight_smile:

[1]; [2]


When did you put those offline map tiles on device? ‘Just’ before you noticed this? Then you misssed to give some important info.
Please see this how to tell tracker to ignore that big chunk of not-needed-to-be-tracked media files.

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Nope. Not exactly before i noticed the problem. But its my best guess. The phone had a long uptime bevor the cpu-load begann with a reboot, so its impossible to correlate.

Thx for the tip with the media files. :slight_smile:

There is also virgi’s patch ‘Tracker path settings’ in web catalog…
(for people who do not like CLI)

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