Sudden increase in CPU-Load (in nice=low priority) after Reboot

Hey there,

i have a unexpected and sudden increase in CPU-Load on the lower priority level (nice) after a reboot last week. And, while nothing changed around that date (no update, no new apps e.g.) i am a little bit puzzled.

The only thing i can connect to the increase is the change of my protection cover from a folding one with magnet to a usual bumper 3 days before the reboot and a drop of the phone 4 days before the increase.

Does anyone have a idea for troubleshooting or have similar experiences?

Thanks up front. :slight_smile:

Edit: i can outrule:

  • network connections (Flight mode)
  • Aliendalvik
  • Caldav/Carddav & Exchange
  • gps

‘new’ users can only one image …mimimi :wink: …here is the second image

Which app generates those nice graphs?

Do you have the harbour-owncloud app and its additional daemon installed?

To me those look like they are from SystemDataScope. I use it with my XA2.

its SystemDataScope via Openrepos. You can handle the app via Storeman. But it depends that a deamon called collectd runs all the time on your system.

Nope. An there are no new apps in general on this specific date (9.11.2020).