Subscription model questions

  1. The C2 comes with a year of free subscription. Can I pause the subscription to enjoy it for longer?
  2. What if I need to reflash the phone, but no longer have an active subscription? Jolla provides the latest version of SailfishOS. Do I need to redownload the OS every month to make sure I have on my computer the latest version from when my subscription was still active? Do I need to have an active subscription either way, and have to pay 4,99 when I reflash my phone? Will I be able to update for free by reflashing?
  3. As I understand, if I no longer have an active subscription, I can keep using app support, predictive text and other premium functions, exept for updates. Is this correct?
    Keeping an active subscription for multiple years is not within my budget. Some months I do not have 4,99. I do not want to choose between keeping in contact with friends over the phone, and socializing and paying my own round of drinks in real life, so this is important for me. I will happily pay my contribution to sailfish OS though, and plan to subscribe for a year or probably more but spread over multiple years, if possible.

The obvious baseline is how licensing works currently - plus that repo access to the paid components can be taken away. What makes you assume something more fancy/sinister/…?

Surely not.

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