Subscribe to password protected ics web calendar

Is this possible? I’ve tried to add it as an account but it won’t work. I know the web calendar is good as I can subscribe from my laptop using an id and password. If not does anyone know of an app that will do this.

Thank you.

By “ics web calendar” I guess you mean a CalDAV server. Here I’m running radicale with username/password and that works perfectly fine.

Thanks for the quick reply but no, not CalDAV. In the accounts section you can add a web calendar, it’s just an ics feed somewhere, much simpler than CalDAV. It doesn’t seem to support password protected ones though. For example, I added this one to get a list of UK holidays but this isn’t password protected and works fine.

Hello, I developped the webcal support but didn’t add any authentication mechanism to it.

I may once, but I cannot give you any timeframe…


Good to know, thank you for the information. Is there anything that someone else could do to implement it. I assume it’s part of the core Sailfish code and not a third party app?

To modify the built-in webcal functionality, adding the support for password protected URL can be done relatively easily in the open source part GitHub - sailfishos/buteo-sync-plugin-webcal but adding it the UI requires to touch the closed source parts.

In the good old times we used the http://username:password@hostname/uri scheme for insecure password entering.

Supporting this in the backend would possibly keep the UI change minimal…


@nephros That works! Thank you.

I’m old enough to remember the good old times but such a scheme had slipped from my mind.

Huh, didn’t expect that! Nice! :smiley: