Stucked or working? `version --dup: REFRESHING CACHE AND DOWNLOADING PACKAGES`

Xperia X : recovery mode

bash-3.2# devel-su # **didnt** work (forgot my newly changed psswd)
bash-3.2# ssu re
bash-3.2# version --dup

Stucked or still working?

Is it safe to cancelled it?

I just realized that this command somehow reset the phone, i.e. its not anymore in recovery mode.
The phone is not showing the recovery mode anymore, the LED is not blue anymore. The LED is blinking smoothly dark-purple-white… ?!?
Where do I find the LED descriptions?

PS2: The phone was stucked…

Use command su instead in recovery shell.

And at least I haven’t ever managed to get the phone use my computer as gateway to Internet (don’t even know if it is possible) so installing local packages only seems to be the way to go.