[Strategies] Bringing more sailors to SFOS

They already tried selling phones (and tablets) and we all know how this worked out…


if you check my first post, I asked such question to Jolla. They replied that they needed to find a common ground so that both Jolla and the phone maker have a financial benefit.

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Okay for the non techy guys, but there are also techy people out there that are just ‘unaware’ of the existence of an alternative. In your opinion, how could we reach to them apart from youtube channels and word to mouth ?

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Well, I agree whit s710 and @unmaintained view; SFOS just is not there yet, in terms of maturity. We, users, could do something, but the main effort need to be from Jolla. When they acchieve a reliable system, people will come.

I see a lot of techy guys that know SFOS, but don’t use it for different reasons. Some of them disagree whit the proprietary part of system - wich is a real question -, others probably feel the lack of apps, and so on.

I write a blog about SFOS and linux (https://linuxdescomplicado.wordpress.com/) - yes, I’m a little bit a techy guy :smiley: -, but I feel a enourmous lack of contents about real life uses of SFOS. I see that we need more “normal guy” publicity, in every ways - talking to people, writing, post in youtube, twitter, reddit… its a long way


One thing that kept me back for years was lack of upfront information. When I finally joined some three years ago, it was very much a leap of faith.

The process would have been so much easier, if I there had been videos or user docs showing phone usage (not developer centric docs about building apps).

Also, not being able to see anything about the official apps put me off. I couldn’t make sure there was a decent calendar app available, since even OpenRepos had none at all.

So, the community could probably help by making available blog posts, videos etc.

It’s a tall order for the community to make the Jolla Store contents accessible from the web (if it’s at all possible from a legal and technical perspective), but I find it sad the any app that meets Jolla’s requirements is essentially removed from view.


Really? Can you explain why that is? I had not heard this before.

That was a reference to the Android layer being needed but, previously, not installed by Ubports. Since some versions they provide an option to add the Android stuff. So, you can now go directly from any ‘pure’ linux to SFOS without installing Volla first.

Hi Rafael, thank you for your testimony and good luck with your blog !

If you have articles you think could help future users to adopt SFOS feel free to add the link here : [Wiki][Documentation] Inventory of existing SFOS documentation

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I was sure i had seen one. Better late than never i guess.

I don’t know if everything is implemented however its in the store. Also it might not have a aarch64 version yet. But you can ask the dev for one.

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Hi all! Recently i joined to SFOS users with XA2 plus and now i’ll try to use this device like a daily driver. Also i will try to collect my experience and share it here. So now i have no practical experience of using this combo. But i did read some threads on this forum and i got acquainted with the history of the development of Jolla from open sources.
In my opinion is that all SFOS problems began after purchasing a control package by russian corp. No, i have no any negative for russian peoples, but russian business too rude and primitive. The typical strategy of any Russian business is to squeeze maximum money with minimal production and development costs. While reading this forum, I do not see any feedback from the developers (ofcourse that maybe because just idk them profiles here). I understand that the company is small, but these guys have huge experience (Nokia, SymbianOS, Meego and early SFOS). Considering this, it is rly strange to see such a raw paid product, which does not receive visible improvements with each version. So the reason for all this, I see only the fact that the project is not controlled by the smart people who have created it, but only by “efficient managers”. So my overall imagining about future of the Jolla under russian’s “wings” is very pessimistic. And i would be happy if i mistaken :slight_smile:

How does that differ from any non-Russian business? Minimizing costs and mazimizing profits is the first lesson in Business 101 in for-profit companies. Charities, NGOs and government-sponsored business are the only ones that can afford to veer away from that recipe, all other companies sooner or later have to focus on maximizing profits.

What Jolla lacks is vision and a good strategy to get there, who is currently footing their bill is not as important…

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As with everything it can be done too extremely - where the compromises in other areas become too great (while still hard to quantify in such simple terms as profit). Maybe it’s an EU thing or a Nordic thing to keep other values in mind too. There are certainly elements of American-style <insert adjective here> capitalism in Russia and many other countries for that matter.

But with that said, i can’t remember having seen anything like a significant shift in that direction. From an outside view certainly looks like Jolla is respected and valued by OMP.

But is this thread not getting off track now? I for one is curious to see how @PeHek finds Sailfish after having used it for a while - and then tying it back to how we can attract more users.

@PeHek : You’re really new here! So let me say to you, that I’m abt. 2 and a half year with SFOS, have seen all updates since 3.2 and EVERY update brought some improvements, bug fixes and better or more functions. If you ‘stay tuned’, you will see.

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