Strange Storage Issue

A few days ago, I suddenly got a bunch of partitions showing up as mounted in /run/media/nemo (/media/sdcard). Screenshot shows info. The only one that is actually a storage device is BB34-0DF6, my sd card. I can unmount with umount command, but it comes back after reboot, and it actually unmounts all of those partitions, which causes issues.
Any idea why?
(edit - just noticed that this got put in ‘Store q&a’ section - not my intention …)

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maybe I’ll file bug…

I (and others) had this íssue with the XZ3 when “udating” Rinigus’ community port to 3.4 with the Jolla update because I did not wait until Rinigus had issued the adapted update for the XZ3, see this entry in GitHub

Maybe you should indicate which device and which SFOS version you are using

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I reposted as a bug report with all info. I am running XZ2c 8314, and updated ota when 4.0 was first released, and it didn’t start doing this until about a week ago…

How did you update? Just via the settings menu or as described in this ReadMe on GitHubb- i.e. first downloading the right image as created by Rinigus.

If you did a “normal” OTA update, then you have exactly have the issue you are reporting on - it occurred to me when updating from 3.1 to 3.4

I didn’t update until the update was released, and then I did it according to instructions, just as I had done with previous updates. The update was released 2 months ago, and went fine, and I have had no such problems the whole time, until a week ago when it suddenly appeared …

strange, indeed. Since it is a community port, you can’t blame Jolla, though. I have no such issue but I did not update my XZ3 to 4.0 because I am totally happy with 3.4. I will.rather flash 4.1 once it is available

@Levone1, please close this here at FSO.

The reason for the effect you are observing is an unintended interaction between the mount-sdcard utility and the specific community device adaptation for the Xperia XZ2 & XZ3 series you are using.

Let us continue to analyse, discuss and address this at mount-sdcard’s issue #41.

P.S. / edit (2021-06-01):
mount-sdcard 1.8.0 handles the different (compared to all devices supported by Jolla) mapping of the device-internal, fixed mass storage on some community device adaptations (Xperia XZ[23]{c}, FxTec Pro¹ etc.) well.


It is a side effect of an issue exposed by devices having systems partitions on sd devices. In addition to Sony Tama, it is exposed in Pro1 and at least one model of OnePlus.

But maybe it has to be formulated properly or Jolla could link it to here?