Strange problem with Android support on Sailfish 4.4

Has anyone else running into problem that on current version installing obb utilizing Android apps does not work? I mean when I install a obb requiring (that worked before on older version of Sailfish) Android app and put obb file(s) on correct “android_storage/Android/obb/” directories they won’t start. Simply stuck on loading or black screen. Older Android apps installed before update that use obb do work correctly. So problem seems to be apps not installing correctly on AlienDalvik.

Also, is it normal not to be able to see contents of obb folder outside AlienDalvik? This has been going on for a while, but I’ve used X-plore for Android to manipulate obb directory instead of native file manager.

Would reinstalling whole AlienDalvik fix this or what?

Device I’m using is Sony Xperia 10, flashed from Android9 to official paid Sailfish.

Tried today reinstalling and removing AlienDalvik with pkcon, but no effect. I have also played around with permissions ie. chown -R media_rw:media_rw /home/nemo/android_storage/* (yes, I have nemo instead of defaultuser, my phone is old), but that does nothing either.

Would appreciate if anyone has any idea what this could be. This isn’t that big issue, but I’d kinda like to play more Android games (than ones I installed before update made things break, for some reason they work well despite having obb files too) without getting another phone with Android as that kinda defeats the point why I got Sailfish in first place.

Another interesting new problem I noticed that when trying to start game Jagged Alliance 2 (fanmade android port Stracciatella) that has worked fine before won’t start as it’s unable to load game files at all and these aren’t in obb format, but rather same files windows version uses. Maybe it’s something with permissions, but why does it seem to apply only apps that I have installed after update and older ones load files just fine.

Today I experimented re-installing an old game of mine Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition from old files that I had backupped. This game used to work just fine on eaerlier SFOS, but now gives black screen instead of loading. Yet at same time I can run Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition just fine (everything works) as it’s an old installation from before the update. And these are practically same games in terms of internal workings.

How can this even be possible? It’s obviously something do with AlienDalvik, but why it only affects new installations? Was the installer in AlienDalvik broken by update?

I also tried disabling SailJail sandboxing, but it didn’t help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m at loss here.

Note that the filebrowser from ichtyosaurus cant see android_storage/Android because of permissions

Also it looks like you should open a new post in the bug reports section, or did you find something related there?

Haven’t made bug report post because I’m unsure if it’s just my system that is broken or is it a general bug inherent to this version of SFOS. I have no idea what is posting etiquette in bug reports here. Should I post there even if unsure? I’m considering re-flashing whole SFOS in may because I suspect it maybe corrupted being too old and the fact that I still have nemo might cause problems as defaultuser is new standard.

And I can see Android directory including Abdroid/data, edit it too, but it’s because I have played around with permissions. Just see can’t see android/obb inside SFOS no matter how I set permissions, but can see/edit it with X-plore and Media_rw (android user) has correct permissions there. Also, games like Baldur’s Gate 2 and Shadowrun work well loading their obbs without problem because they were installed before update. Like said before it’s only NEW installations of apps that require obb (mostly games, but few non-games like some emulators) don’t work at all and these used to work. Anyway I have explained it well with Baldur’s Gate 1&2 example I posted before

And the more minor issue is with emulators like dosbox or windows ones that do work otherwise, but can’t start emulated programs (ie. if I try to run Master of Orion 2 in dosbox, the game won’t start) for some reason.This is also only with new installations and was broken by update.

old thread, but i had the same problem. fixed by using /home/.android/data/media/obb/ instead of /home/nemo//android_storage/Android/obb

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I also cannot get x-plane to work, but i will try putting the obb in this other folder

X-plane already put the folder there, but it’s still not working :confused: i guess i can’t play x-plane on sailfishos. Has anyone of you tried x-plane on sailfish os?