Strange pop up when opening the Storeman app

Every time I open the Storeman app I get a pop up that says: Sailfish wants to take a secret token from collection Storeman of plug-in SQLCipher.
What does this mean?


Storeman started to use Sailfish secrets which was introduced in Sailfish 3.

From Storeman changelog:

  • Store user authorization data with Sailfish Secrets
  • Add an option to store user password with Sailfish Secrets to automatic re-login



I get this pop up when I start storeman for the first time after every reboot, even though I don’t log in and thus don’t store any credentials.
I’d categorize this behaviour as “mild annoyance”. It would be great if there is a way to fix it (so the pop up is only shown once), but this clearly is nothing that needs urgent fixing.


You also can read my answer on TGC.

UPD: See the issue.


Don’t click “yes” or “tick” or whatever it was to try to use the secrets! I did and now I am permanently locked out of my phone. :sob:

Please, provide some additional information how did it happen. Are you sure it was a pop-up called by Storeman?

I had just updated SFOS and had launched Storeman to try to reinstall Amazfish (which doesn’t yet work but that’s another story). Storeman took ages to launch and put up a modal dialog before doing anything else. The dialog wasn’t the SQL cookies one with the text at the top, instead it had the text halfway up the page and said something about wanting to use secrets and every time I said “yes” it said that something (credentials?) was incorrect and I had n failures of 5. So I started pressing “no” and storeman worked, but then one time I hit “yes” by mistake and I was out of tries, SFOS locked me out immediately and would not let me login even if I rebooted and I had to do the process at to rescue it.

Sorry I have no screencaps, it wasn’t something I was thinking of at the time. The logs have already been rotated out and are gone too. I can’t get it to reproduce now, don’t know if it was a one-off consequence of the SFOS upgrade.

Thank you for the details. For now I have no idea what could lead to such a tragic effect. I will try to find an answer and for now just hope it was a unique accident((

I have seen this pop up last week for the last time, but after the latest update not anymore. hopefully it was temporarily.

:rofl: I wouldn’t go that far, but it was a bit nerve-wracking.

Sorry my English)) In any case it’s cool that you’ve managed to restore your phone but for some users it could be a real trouble. And I’m very frustrated that my app can break someone’s phone(