Strange pop up when opening the Storeman app

Every time I open the Storeman app I get a pop up that says: Sailfish wants to take a secret token from collection Storeman of plug-in SQLCipher.
What does this mean?


Storeman started to use Sailfish secrets which was introduced in Sailfish 3.

From Storeman changelog:

  • Store user authorization data with Sailfish Secrets
  • Add an option to store user password with Sailfish Secrets to automatic re-login



I get this pop up when I start storeman for the first time after every reboot, even though I don’t log in and thus don’t store any credentials.
I’d categorize this behaviour as “mild annoyance”. It would be great if there is a way to fix it (so the pop up is only shown once), but this clearly is nothing that needs urgent fixing.


You also can read my answer on TGC.

UPD: See the issue.