Strange message

Hi All!
I live in Hungary, a member of the European Union.
I tried to download the latest version of the SFOS for my (Xperia X F5121) phone, because it can’t be restored from the recovery menu.
I thought, I reflash it again.

Is this a joke? Or do I have to buy an iPhone or Android phone?

doubt this, as there is a hungrarian translation available and i know at least one hungarian sailfish os user.
did you check the connection details ?
else vpn

Here is few lines from

Continent: Europe
Country: Hungary
State/Region: Pest megye
City: Szigetszentmiklos


for which phone ? i can download it and put somewhere for you


I made my last update to SFOS, in abt. April 2020, while I was in Hungary, but system language is German. It worked without any problems. I know, this is not an up-to-date information, maybe the situation has changed in the meantime.

edit: @NN9 Did you try to analyze the HTML source text of this page on the photo?

Hungarian Government not liking spy-resistant OSes, or Russia-affiliated ones?