Strange and Sudden Charging Problem

Last night, I turned off the phone, and plugged it in, as usual. It’s the same charger and cable I always use. I didn’t look to see what happened, since it’s just habit - I just plugged it in and walked away. This morning, the phone was hot. I turned it on, and battery charge was at 39%. I plugged it in while turned on, and it kept vibrating one vibration and showing “charging” popup banner, over and over. It did it 5 times, and then settled on “charging”, and stayed that way. However, the battery did not charge, but the percentage droppe, even while showing charging. Then I turned it off, and reconnected it, and watched, and the led would go back and forth between red and green continually, the screen never turning on to the Sony screen, and showing battery charge, as is typical. I guess this is what must have been going on overnight.
Now, this is where it stands - plugging in while powered on results in exactly 5 vibrations every time, then settling on “charging”, but without actually charging the phone, and plugging in while powered off results as described above. It doesn’t matter what USB mode I choose, and I’ve tried with different chargers, cables and outlets. Everything was normal until last noght.

What happened?

Phone is Xperia X, with latest SFOS, (3.3.16 or whatever)


I guess someone might have a software idea on this, but I can’t help feeling those are more symptoms of a hardware issue (speaking as more of a hardware brain, but admittedly not an expert). Like the battery management circuitry and/or the battery itself.
If there’s a software interface to the battery management, I suppose that may be an approach (I expect this information is available somewhere).
Hopefully you’ll get input from the developer side of the forum, but in the meantime I personally would change the settings to shut off the vibration before the battery completely exhausts. :slight_smile:

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Can you verify the charger or the cable are not the issues here? I recently had a similar problem where the charger cable of my Xperia X had a defect, leading to the same behaviour of the phone permanently vibrating and continuously detecting plug and unplug events


OP appears to have eliminated external issues; however it’s true that sockets and connecting ribbons etc. are vulnerable to damage with similar symptoms. Going the h/w route, an internet search may throw the symptoms up and link to commonly damaged parts on the model/hardware family.

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So I had the idea to boot into Android recovery to test if hw problem, and it wouldn’t charge still, even though it shows charging symbol. I sadly concluded that it must be hw… Then I had the thought that I believe that the battery functionality is handled by the kernel. So I restored an Android backup I have on my sdcard, and booted to Android, and it’s charging fine now…
Just another SFOS mystery, I guess. My prime suspect was mce-tools. I had installed it and set some tweaks, which were working fine for a week or so, but, (as I had already heard and experienced in the past, so expected), noticeably affected the battery drain. So, when I first had the problem this morning, the first thing I did was set the tweaks back to default and uninstall mce-tools, hoping that would fix it. I wonder if it left some hidden effects somewhere…

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Flash back to a clean SFOS and you will know…

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