Storeman fails to uninstall installed rpms

As the title suggested I used storeman to get japanese textinput on my phone (“Japanese keyboard with Anthy (aarch64)”, which came with a few other packages - but ever since I did that, my touchscreen is completely messed up and misinterprets every touch (holding down is basically interpreted as a dozen touches and not just in the same location). So I wanted to uninstall the packages again via storeman… but nothing is happening.
I assume I should be able to get rid of them via the terminal?
But I wanted to ask first, just in case
(also I am not sure which command to use in this case)

Thanks for your help!

rpm -e --noscripts <packagename>
…should do the trick.

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Seemed to have worked! Thank you very much!

Still… what a weird issue… particularly how these packages would influence the touchscreen system-wide
Though I assume this probably isn’t going to get fixed soon or any time

It is weird, you probably should report it to the package maintainer/developer.

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Hi! Storeman uses the PackageKit API to manage packages. As I understood you had already removed the troubled rpms. But if it’s not too much trouble for you, could you please try to install it back and remove with pkcon remove .... If this command removes the packages then the issue relates Storeman. If not then it’s a PackageKit issue.

I found this here. Maybe it hepls…