Storeman does work after update to SFOS

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): Xperia X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No


Storeman does not work after update to SFOS It seems there is a Sanboxproblem, because Storeman has no access to the packagemanagement or WAN/WLAN. These functions are not useable. Installing and updates via terminal ( zypper / pkcon ) works correctly.






journalctl -f shows an permission error after starting storeman :slight_smile: Aug 09 12:45:59 Sailfish [24918]: [C] unknown:0 - Could not read “/home/.zypp-cache/solv/@System/solv”
Aug 09 12:45:59 Sailfish [24918]: [W] unknown:0 - Network is unavailable!

Hmm, it works fine for me - both after the upgrade to 4.0 and 4.1.

I think I do remember though that I had to upgrade the Storeman app itself though to keep it working - which I did through the openrepos website Search | — Community Repository System

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Not an expert tip, but maybe worth a try:

Deinstall Storeman,
Reboot the device,
Install Storeman again
Care for giving Storeman all access rights that it wants at first launch

Maybe check version. My Storeman is v. 0.2.8 and runs mostly fine on and did so also on, that I had before. Sometimes Storeman forgets the password (every 2-3 weeks) then it’s necessary to enter it new and not to forget to check ‘remember password’.

Deinstallation, reboot and reinstall does not work. How can i force the permission dialog when starting storeman or how can configure the firejail? using the right permissions for storeman.

Do you have a configfile for storeman in /etc/firejail ?

starting from cmd:

[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[W] unknown:0 - Theme dir “/usr/share/themes/jolla/meegotouch/z1.25/” does not exist
[C] unknown:0 - Could not read “/home/.zypp-cache/solv/@System/solv”
[W] unknown:0 - Network is unavailable!

looks like an firejail issue ?!

In /etc/firejail directory of my phone is nothing that begins with storeman. Searching for storeman in this directory brings no hits.

Removing, reinstalling installing - nothing works to grand storeman the permission which are necessary. Does anyone know how i can force the permission dialog for storeman ?

can anyone show me the content of : cat /usr/share/applications/harbour-storeman.desktop

if there is a profile for storeman it would be called “harbour-storeman” instead “storeman”

I don’t know how you arrived to the conclusion that there is a jailing issue.
Storeman isn’t jailed, just check the Exec line in the .desktop file.

I’m running version 0.2.7, and not seeing updates to a newer version - which i seem to recall reading was broken somehow anyway.

BTW bug reports on 3rd-party apps is not really the way to go, this category is for the OS and Jolla apps.

Edit: and by the looks of things the latest two versions are for 4.1 (not sure how strict that requirement is) but why are you on 4.0 anyway?

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I dont know if storeman is jailed or not. Firejail was the likeliest possibility cause this is a new framework for jailing applications. are you sure that harbour-storeman is not affected by firejail ? It is the first time working with firejail for me.

“Edit: and by the looks of things the latest two versions are for 4.1 (not sure how strict that requirement is) but why are you on 4.0 anyway?”

This is a very good question. My phone shows no update updates, just updating via cli from to - perhaps this causes the error.

Yes. SailJail is opt-in for applications currently. It is for example not even allowed in store yet.
Storeman does of course not need to care, but does not appear to have opted in.

So you are not on 4.0 anymore?
Sidenote: unlicensed SFOS does not show updates in the GUI.

Well, the update was the goal. Thanks for the Sailjail info - short, precise, fine :wink:

SFOS Updates in the past ( up to SFOS 3.0 or earlier ) were shown in the GUI, but you`re right the last updates were not shown. I wondered about that but now i know the difference.

This does not exist on my SFOS @ Xperia 10.
But there is: /usr/share/applications/Storeman .

Content is:

[Desktop Entry]