Storeman always forgets password

Why does Storeman always forget the password after a few days? Do I something wrong?

I enter my nickname, password and check ‘Store password’ button. Then I can login.

After visiting, I have to close Storeman without logout. Then I can log in again for a few days. After few days it always forgets the password, I have to re-enter it.

Checking ‘Store password’ is senseless and therefore useless, or useless and therefore senseless - as you like it more :wink:

If I logout from OpenRepos before closing the Storeman-app - using pulldown, settings, tap on nickname, logout - then it forgets everything immediately. To login again, then I have to re-enter both the username and the password again.

Sometimes Storeman asked me to confirm some cookie stuff 3 times, sometimes not. If it asks, sometimes it goes into timeout and asks again for keep waiting or not.

Is there any way to force Storeman app to simply remember my username and password and not forget it?

This occurs both on Xperia 10 and Volla and since years, it’s no regression.
SFOS on X10 is currently and on Volla is .

Thank you !

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This doesn’t happen for me and never has happened across many releases and across XA2 and 10 III. Its almost as if your password never gets stored properly for some reason (permission problem perhaps?).

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It is the same for me. Could you tell where storeman saves the password?

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It uses Sailfish Secrets for auth managenent.

According to the bug report, workaround is to NOT enable the ‘Save Password’ switch.


Thank you @nephros
Now I did so and for the first it works. I will see how long and report here.

edit: password survived 3 days including a device reboot and login still works, will say I’m automatically logged in on launching Storeman.

Just to add my two-penneth…

I’ve never actually been able to login to Openrepos via the Storeman app despite using the correct credentials.

That confirms my assumption that there’s a little bug somewhere in the storeman app or maybe in the ‘save store’ mechanism of SFOS. BTW, credentials of browser and mail app are always remembered properly, this never fails on my devices.

I’ll take the opportinity to remind people that Storeman development is currently in ‘maintenance only’ mode - contributions in the form of issues, coding and pullrequests are very welcome.

See also The future of Storeman v2

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I’m sorry, have to report that your suggestion works only fine on Volla / but unfortunately NOT on Xperia 10 /

I checked right now on the X10.

On X10 Storeman always asks for recalling a secret cookie (‘Authorisieren - Sailfish OS möchte das Geheimnis cookie aus der Sammlung storeman im Plugin SQLCipher abrufen.’) and asks me for confirm or abort.

If I confirm, Storeman proceeds but I’m not logged in after this.
My username and avatar photo is still there and it gives option to login.
After entering the password again - ‘Store password’ NOT checked - it asks again for Sailfish OS wants to delete a token and a cookie and permanently asks for some confirmations.

Is there any way to end this cookie, token, SQLCipher and secret limbo and simply store the password??

edit: Now I deinstalled Storeman and fresh installed Storeman installer from Chum. Phone remembered my Username, I re-entered password and confirmed 3 times for storing cookies. So I’m curious and will report what will happen now.

edit: On restarting Storeman, it asks 2 times for cookie confirmation, after confirming and try to login, Storeman shows my username but no password and I have to re-enter it. Asks again 3 times for some cookie access stuff.

Next restart: Password gone again.

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