Storage space on Xperia 10 II 128 GB?

Recently I was able to buy a 2nd hand Xperia 10 II to return to Sailfish after a year on LineageOS on an OP6.
When I check diskspace, there is only shown approximately 41 GB in total. I remember vaguely that on my X & XA2 space was lost. But how much do you lose on a 128 GB phone? And is it possible to do something about it?
Thx for a reply!

My one shows User data ~50GB used and ~45GB available
The os (system): ~2.8GB used and ~2GB available

Mine says:
userdata 10,8 GB used - 27,2 GB free
system data 2,8 GB used - 2,0 GB free

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You should have more than 90 gigs of free space on home partition.

Are you sure it is a 128 GB model and not 64 GB?

That would explain my numbers. Bought it on eBay advertised as 128 GB but forgot to check while on android. Looks like I’ve been had.:worried:
Is there a way to check the model (64 or 128) on SFOS?

Found a way to see it: in the android settings … Defenitely a 64GB model …