STK controls network menu and provider selection despite manual selection

In my Jolla C ( i have a SIM card from travsim / Vodafone. The SIM Application Toolkit (STK) on the Sim has several selection menus. Actually, I should be able to choose the network (Telekom / Vodafone / E-Plus) myself, since the card is activated for all three networks. However, if I have logged into the Telekom network manually, for example, I get a so-called service message after a while. The Jolla C is then disconnected from the mains on the mains side (probably by a SIM card reset). In the Simtool app, a menu selection is switched from “Smart” to “Special” and the network search of the Jolla C is also switched, namely from manual to automatic for a short time! The SIM card then usually logs into the Vodafone network. In the settings under Mobile network, the function Select network automatically is deactivated again. The Simtool app can then no longer be called up, but only appears again when the Jolla has been restarted. This means that the Jolla C is partly controlled by the SIM card in which it briefly activates the settings for the Jolla under Mobile network> Network automatically and then deactivates it again. Attempts to prevent this with enableSimToolkit = false under etc / ofono / ril_subscription.conf have failed. They get it over and over again (!!), how can I prevent that ??? It is interesting that I still have an old Simens ME45 cell phone. If I use this SIM card there, despite the service message, it is not possible to switch to another network, since the mobile phone probably does not allow access and the mobile phone cannot be switched from manual network selection to automatic network selection by the STK!

Under (Kvarken) unfortunately no change, the SIM card still controls the network selection!


I once inserted the SIM card in a Jolla 1 with the Sailfish OS version (Einheminlampi). On the SIM side, the setting from manual network selection to automatic network selection could NOT be CHANGED !! The Jolla was and will remain set to manual network selection. Sim card resets were also carried out separately on the network side. It was good that the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) was always available, so it was not “deactivated” as is the case with later Sailfish OS versions after a SIM card reset! I made the same experience with a Nokia E7 under Symbian (Nokia Belle).

Also under there is no improvement either … the SIM card is still used to control the logging into the “provider desired network”!