Still no ring tones per contact?

Is it still not possible to use personalized ring tones per contact (see Personal ringtones - #12 by Firefox84)?



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Did you read the thread linked by you?
Are you aware of ‘Personal Ringtones’ by coderus?

Thank you, tobset, I am. There where several reports that this app stopped working some time ago (probably due to changes within latest SFOS versions, coderus stopped developing, last app version is from 2021).

It tried the app with SFOS now with the result that calls didn’t come through (just the notification of unanswered calls was shown - same as last reported by aQUICK1 at openrepos).

So for the moment, WT.Sane’s answer seems to be sad but true - our SFOS-phones are time machines - welcome back to the 1990ies… :rofl:

What ever the source of the problems with personal ringtones is, they didn’t hit me. One X and one XA2 with SFOS, one XA2 with here wo problems. But, didn’t install recently.