Still/again XA2 unsupported FingerPrintReader hardware

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (on the affected model)
BUILD ID = OS VERSION: (Soumenlinna)
UI LANGUAGE: en-UK, multiple
REGRESSION: .Accoring to Rokua Releas notes, yes.


Fingerprint reader seems to be dead with Sailfish X on specific XA2 models, while working fine on other XA2 models, which don’t differ in any vendor string (and indipendently of the single vs. dual SIM variant).
Flashing back the device in question to android confirmed that it’s no hardware issue, since fingerprint detection works just fine on that specific model too.
After verifying the working state on android, back again to Sailfish X, which doesn’t detect any touch on the fingerprint sensor, like if hardware was bad - which we just made sure isn’t the case!


A XA2 with a specific, yet to be defined hardware sensor and baseband 50.2.


  1. Flash Sailfish X (tested only with
  2. Try to setup the fingerprint device lock


Touching the sensor would be recognized by the fingerprint setup wizard.


Fingerprint setup wizard doesn’t show any progress when touching the sensor.


According to [release notes] 3.3.0 Rokua - the issue was addressed. If that’s true, it’s a regression.
Don’t miss the discussion here: [XA2, 10] Fingerprint Scanner not working - dual SIM -
In my case, I can confirm it’s not a matter of Dual or Single SIM.
But it’s a matter of the baseband version:
If I flash firmware baseband 50.1 (Android 8, EMMA provides the option to just flash the firmware), the fingerprint reader starts working on sailfish too (no need to re-flash/change anything on the Sailfish partitions, just flash baseband and reboot the still installed Sailfish X).
ALso done for nailing it down:
I replaced the back cover with a different one. I was lucky, the one I ordered was the working version. So I can switch hardware and can 100% reproduce that one variant isn’t supported by Sailfish X with baseband 50.2, while it works on Android with baseband 50.2 and also on Sailfish X with baseband 50.1.
I recently did half a dozend of XA2 setups and only one model had the problematic hardware. I couldn’t find an identificator, how to determine the fishy model…
If jovirkku’s statement is correct, the issue was resolved for Rokua, which also release notes claim prominently in the very first chapter “Update version history” (2020-04-23: was released to Early Access subscribers, fixing the fingerprint sensor on all XA2 devices,…). At least for Suomenlinna, that statement is not true (anymore?)