STATE?state=NotAvailable (Sender does not support replies) on SMS

I had a text message on SMS say “STATE?state=NotAvailable” as the main text message then at the bottom “Sender does not support replies”. At the top of the screen where the name of the sender usually is placed it said “(Unnamed)”. What does “STATE?state=NotAvailable” mean?

Are you requesting confirmation for receiving of SMS?

It would mean that the recipients network does not provide this service.

I didn’t request a confirmation and the message had significant time before and after messages. It was out of the blue. I checked settings to see if I had selected anything that would cause it to happen. I’ll keep what you said in mind and watch for the next occurrence. Thanks for the message.

It could have been one time event. In that case it can be ignored. I was thinking you sent SMS somewhere and received this notification, which usually comes from the network (nothing to do with your mobile) when requesting confirmation. This you can set up via your phone or network operator. If you have not requested/set it, then the error could be in the phone (not likely) or in the network (most likely).
Keep watching and if it repeats follow the two paths.

Thanks! I’ll keep watch.