State of Mpris in SFOS

I’m trying to resurrect and asked myself how do I use amber-mpris with the sdk? like?

Do I need to build it?

Totally off-topic, but isn’t Donnie an alternative to Jupii?

It can be when Jupii has al local renderer available. I have experimented with that, running MPD with a UPnP plugin as a local rendererer on the phone. Works fine.

In my experience, and also of the author Willem de Hoog, Donnie can have some stability issues regarding its connection.

ok, mpd from openrepos? Music Player Daemon (MPD) | — Community Repository System Which local render-er do you use?

I had some great feedback from the Jupii developer, who also suggested donnie. I was just playing about with the libraries when I realized the MprisPlayer required external support.

I did not include the upnp support yet in the lastest MPD version, but will add that in a new release. upmpdcli is also needed and not yet uploaded to openrepos.

And maybe you will have a better experience with Donnie, as it seems to rely on a good wifi connection.

MPRIS API will be available since the Sailfish OS release 4.4.0, so right now you would have to compile the amber-mpris package yourself. Honestly, I have no idea whether there are any dependencies, so it might not be just that easy to use with current release.

Even though the example does the QML types registration on its own, the amber-mpris package provides a QML module, so you should be able to simply Require: qml(Amber.Mpris) in your SPEC/YAML and then import Amber.Mpris 1.0 in QMLs.

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Ah, this is great to hear. This will simplify development considerably!

Just a note that I had contacted the author (also hutspot dev. among other things).

He added builds on obs:

ssu ar donnie
pkcon refresh
zypper install libupnp6
zypper install libupnpp
zypper install donnie

donnie works fine with local media player. When I find some time, I’ll sheppard it to chum.

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I have my fork and the required libs installable from obs and was considering pushing to chum, but thought I’d ask first if you had any intention of moving your libupnp(p) libraries and consumers there?

The version of libupnp I’m using is that which the original author used (1.6.21) and pp is at 0.15.2 … I believe you’re a lot further :slight_smile:

I’ve been building with:

#include <MprisPlayer>
on obs without issue. I was wondering why I can’t in the sdk. Hmmmm. Obviously I’m missing MprisQt but obs isn’t?

What is the error more exactly? Could you please paste the full build log?

Maybe I’m just being confused by the warnings. I get ‘MprisPlayer’ file not found … I’m currently rebuilding the project to include libraries, so I’ll get back to it when I have the project reconfigured.

Didn’t the warning appear already before you tried to build it? If so, then it is a warning from the static code checker, issued because some of the required packages are not installed under the build environment by default. During first build (or just qmake run), all the missing build time deps will be pulled in and after that the warning should disappear.