SSL handshake failed


i have an app that connects to some public servers with valid ssl certificates.
The strange thing is that my app and the https connections works fine with the
sfos emulator and my Sony XA2 Plus device. However, the same application deployed
on my Jolla 1 device always runs into the SSL Handshake error.
I have the same SFOS Version ( installed on the Jolla 1 and my XA2 Plus device.
Any ideas what could be the problem for this different behaviour?

Any hints how to properly fix or debug the problem?

Thanks in Advance,


Ok. Found the problem. The system time was completely wrong (of my Jolla1 Test device) - thus the certificate validation failed. Fixing the system time fixed my problem.

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I’m wondering if a clock offset might explain why some of my Jolla browser tabs intermittently report as ‘connection not secure’… (Thank you AndyWuest / I will check for system time.)

That should be easy enough to test right?

I didn’t know if the system clock was independent from the user settings clock; it seems it’s the same; that’s the easy part, yes.

I imagine if I checked some log it might be verbose enough to explain exactly why the errors occurred. I have updated the clock now though; will try to remember to report back after a ‘burn-in’ period.

(I’m used to having certain clocks 5 min. offset out of habit; if that’s incompatible with SFOS I’ll have to change my habit. NBD I guess.)