Spotify Problems


I really tried a lot of things but i don’t get Spotify running on my XA2 device with sailfish. Do you have a solution for me?

In the Beginning using Sailfish installing Spotify was compleatly easy and worked, now (i think after the update) i tried different Apps and searched here in this forum and nothing worked :confused:
I’m not a total beginner, but please try to find a way I can unterstand :smiley:

Should we assume you mean solutions other than using the Android app?
That works just fine for me. I’d prefer a native application, but at least a while back there were no good options.

Its sad that at some point some people from within the company wrote an app (native) that never got published.

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Which application do you have? Where can i find it? For me its not important which solution you have, i only want to hear musik and have a premium spotify-account.
The normal android spotify app doesn’t work in my case. Perhaps you have a way to change it? I tried to reinstall, cache and so on.

I have the regular Spotify Android app installed through Aurora Store. Just updated to the latest version, still works just fine.

in my case - no. I don’t know why. I tried it with the Aurora Store but it always quit starting after 1-2 Seconds. Its getting black and then the app minimize.

Did you try the direct download?

I already tried a lot of apks (also older ones) and for you a fresh version directly from Spotify. It doesn’t work. It starts and suddently shut down :confused:.

Maybe you can find a logfile somewhere if the app crashes :thinking: Did you modify any of the system files of your os?

Currently, maybe you could use an alternative way to fix the issue. That is you could download Spotify music offline on your computer and then move them to your device. To make it, you need help from DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Just check it and fix the issue.