Spotify Problems


I really tried a lot of things but i don’t get Spotify running on my XA2 device with sailfish. Do you have a solution for me?

In the Beginning using Sailfish installing Spotify was compleatly easy and worked, now (i think after the update) i tried different Apps and searched here in this forum and nothing worked :confused:
I’m not a total beginner, but please try to find a way I can unterstand :smiley:

Should we assume you mean solutions other than using the Android app?
That works just fine for me. I’d prefer a native application, but at least a while back there were no good options.

Its sad that at some point some people from within the company wrote an app (native) that never got published.

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Which application do you have? Where can i find it? For me its not important which solution you have, i only want to hear musik and have a premium spotify-account.
The normal android spotify app doesn’t work in my case. Perhaps you have a way to change it? I tried to reinstall, cache and so on.

I have the regular Spotify Android app installed through Aurora Store. Just updated to the latest version, still works just fine.

in my case - no. I don’t know why. I tried it with the Aurora Store but it always quit starting after 1-2 Seconds. Its getting black and then the app minimize.

Did you try the direct download?

I already tried a lot of apks (also older ones) and for you a fresh version directly from Spotify. It doesn’t work. It starts and suddently shut down :confused:.

Maybe you can find a logfile somewhere if the app crashes :thinking: Did you modify any of the system files of your os?

FWIW, I had the same issue. After upgrading SFOS, reinstalling the app a couple times, solving an unrelated problem about installing apk files, I went to Settings -> Applications -> Spotify and cleared the cache and app data. Then it got a bit further, but crashed still. Then I went into Settings -> Applications -> Spotify -> Android Settings and gave it all possible permissions. Then it actually started and I was able to log in again.

All the ideas haven’t worked in my case. I don’t know why I find it so late but this site helped me:

He writes:
/!\ Thanks to e-ddie on the SFOS Telegram group, just adding a small advise:
you want to scroll to the bottom of the page, and select “Authorize using Browser”:

I’m a little bit disappointed, that the original app doesn’t work but the Hutspot in combination with the librespot works. One thing i don’t like is that every time I use this app i have to register my Spotifyaccout. But it works =)

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