Spotify Android app does not recognise a premium accout

If you tried to uninstall and install the Spotify app but still couldn’t fix it, you can try to clear the cache on your Android devices.
If there is still a problem, you can contact the Spotify official Support team to see what happened. During the period, you can use DRmare Spotify Song Downloader to download music on your computer firstly and then sync Spotify songs to Android for playback.
Hope your issue can be fixed wel ASAP.

So you have no android apps installed?

I can think of two other possible reasons why you are still experiencing issues even after re-installing Alien Dalvik and the app itself:

  1. Your downloaded APK is the culprit
  2. Your device is missing some packages or some packages are not up-to-date

Regarding 1.: I can recommend you to download the Aurora store (no google services needed and you will receive the official original APK!) and install Spotify via this app store:

Regarding 2.: You need to have developer mode activated and be familiar with some work on the command line. Execute the following commands in the terminal:

pkcon refresh
version --dup  # if this installed some packages, reboot your device after it advices you to do so

Then you should try to (re-)install Spotify and verify whether it is working.

So, after having tried all suggested solutions, Spotify will still not work. However, I found an ok workaround by installing Spotify Lite from the Android Store. It works reasonable well.

All suggested solutions don’t work. Spotify app can’t work still. I found another workaround by downloading Spotify playlists from the music converter for Spotify. The offline playing and ad-blocking features are the same as the Premium features.