Spiritlevel thread

This is a thread for bug reports and what not for Spiritlevel. Avaiable here Spiritlevel | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System and on github, is is a reboot of Vatupassi | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System My main contribution is fixing the settings and add storage for said.

It’s a simple app with a simple aim. Get your stuff, level with the plane. Eh.


Obligatory “Can we have it in the store?” request.

And IMO it could use a better icon.

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I’ve submitted it to the store. And, yes, it could use a better icon. Please submit one! Thanks!

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The only thing i could come up with -and like- after numerous designs doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic of the app. :woozy_face:

Ok, I had two other directions in mind. One, with both X and Y (so a cross) and the other, simply the horizontal, traditional, level, maybe NOT in a circle? Which would you tend to?

Not a novel approach or something BUT i liked this design when i saw it. Its minimal, it communicates without having to “guess” function and will fit SFOS i think.

The whole screen becomes the level and the colors move as you change the angle.

Anyway. Its just my idea (or ripoff) of an app like that.

As I was already playing in Photoshop when I saw this thread, I quickly (being the operative word) put this together using the existing icon;



Well, I think that is better. I’ll try it out now. Thanks!

Ok, I thought you meant the icon, but you meant the interface :slight_smile: I could implement an additional view. But for some cases, you really need to align the dots, so to speak.

Sorry, can I have that 172x172 pixels please :slight_smile:

Thanx for reanimating Vatupassi. I really missed it!

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Ok, I think this is much nicer:

Upscaled, unsharp mask 2.5 px.



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Thanks! I’ll credit you as Edz in the next release unless you have a preference for another handle.

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Edz is fine, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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These cases are? Genuine question since i think as long as you have numerical representation of the angle you can do anything.

@poetaster ~ I noticed a small typo within the applications settings;


Fixed. Thanks! next release.

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@poetaster is there a reason why the app asks for permission to use the camera?

If I remember correctly, sensors are included in the camera permission group. It has been a while since I played with Sailjail though.