Speaker sound gone after update

Both fascistbook and Signal speaker button and ability have disappeared after I updated to the SFOS 4.5. I can make calls and video calls just fine, but when I make a video call on either app there is no longer a speaker icon or the ability to put the audio on the speaker, only the ear speaker. Same thing Whatsapp. I am using the android apps for these 3. Soooooo, when I make a video call I have to hold the phone up to my ear to hear.


I poked around android settings for all three apps and can’t find anything that would prevent access to the speaker. Plus it was all working fine BEFORE the update.


Hmm, yesterday, I went to call my folks using Whatsapp and got a notification that I need to enabled the microphone, this is a first for me.

Like you, this was working before the update. I enabled the microphone and could then make a call…what a faff!!

I can’t give you any solid answer, but maybe go back into Android settings and check out Phone permissions in your respective app/s