Spam filter on SFOS

Dear Sailors,

my cell phone is my only device that is online all the time. Is it possible to have a spam filter working on an XA2 so that I am not notified about all the nonsense?

Thanks a lot!



This will be unsatisfying for you but: The recipe is to make the spam filtering and mail moving/deleting action on the mail server:

  • have a provider who does the job
  • self hosting of the mail server

The last one (yes very unsatisfying I know) with dovecot (with sieve module), rspamd and postfix/exim makes it possible to handle mails just like in Thunderbird’s spam module. You can even switch off Thunderbirds spam module but use the mimikry. You are then able to train the spam filter by moving mails in and out of the junk folder. The sieve module makes it possible to automatically move your mails into folders without care about the client.

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That’s only expedient viable at the mail server side. Therefore get a reasonable mail provider to get this job done for you. Self-hosting of a mail server is only for pros and also not a one time job.

:wink: Yes this was a bit provocative of course and this will be another one, because I am philosophing a bit with the problematic for some time now.

That shows that the whole cloud stuff is more or less a crap because you as a customer do not get what you really want. They tell you what you want.

I wonder with the growing infrastructure if it wouldn’t be better to bethink and build up a self-hosted infra beside the cloud stuff.

You can self host. Because not everyone can really do this (yes I am aware of this) then I would ask what is the percentage of people who could. Then you would find out that everyone would know someone or more who could. Build groups and use the knowledge of the ones who can and group self host.

Yes, I can hear this howling again: that does not work, why should I do this, it cannot go. Some say that this howling is exactly the "german way. But:

  • Europe (and other states) tries to kill crypto
  • Social platforms (with their commercial intentions and algorithms) kill democratic structures
  • The mass does not know what they are really doing - media incompetence

And this all is based on the centralisation of a few companies. Internet is a decentralized bi-directional system. I can only say: Think about it! Use it!

And for now: Which providers e. g. in Europe do have such services?