Space bar narrow width is making me want to switch to Android

Please Jolla fix this. People shouldn’t have to hack around to get such a basic thing to be usable :slight_smile:

Been a problem from the very beginning.


I miss the N9’s Swype keyboard too, but OKboard on OpenRepos is pretty close .

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It doesn’t work on XA2 Ultra, and my skills are not enough to build Finnish dictionary/whatitwas…

I checked the .qml files and found these specifications only in a few files. Will I have to define the complete row or will those two keys alone do the job?

Just modify these 2 keys in the main layout of your keyboard. For example, if it’s english, just modify en.qml.

In en.qml and de.qml SpacebarRow is empty. My question was wether I have to define the complete row or just the two keys.

Oh I see, indeed no details in the space bar.

You can either, enter all the spacebar details as in my “improved layouts”, or modify the enter and symbol keys qml, like the wider spacebar patch.


Thanks @orangecat orangecat, this is the “cleanest” solution!

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or modify the enter and symbol keys qml, like the wider spacebar patch .

I ended up using this solution, and it works excellent for preventing so many typos, although this kind of “patch the source” work is of course a bit clunky.
There used to be a couple of Patchmanager things to do this, but it seems their originators haven’t updated them for later SFOS releases.

pretty soon you’ll be able to switch to FOSS nemo on manjaro base:


Any way to get Presage working with your layouts?

No idea :frowning: my layouts are modified and updated files from the default Qml files of Jolla’s layouts.
Might be possible but I never used presage.

Ok, I’ll have a look at what the presage layouts might permit. Thanks!

I can confirm the wider spacebar patch also works just as well with SFOS

And also on SFOS

I wonder what kind of anatomical oddity it is which allows certain people use about 26 letter keys with no issue (each about 1/3 size of a space bar) and then prevents them hitting the (3x wider) space bar reliably. I do understand why I sometimes hit the wide space bar instead of the regular-width “/” and “.” located around, but how the opposite could happen is a question to me. Just thinking loudly :slight_smile:

Probably has to do with muscle memory from previous phones and also possibly the computer keyboards, where the spacebar is something like 12x wide. I can see right now when typing, I’m consistently hitting spacebar near the right edge, which is consistent with missing it on Jolla’s idea of “unnaturally” short spacebar.

Happens to me every time. Srsly.

There is another very convenient solution around. Look for keyboard with arrows on openrepos. Many of them feature a wider spacebar.

And also for SFOS (Suomenlinna).

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