Source control client?

I’m looking for a source control client such as SVN or GIT for my Sailfish X install on my Gemini. I mainly use the device for writing, and like to keep my text files is SVN. I’d be happy with either a command line client or a UI app. Any recommendations? A quick google didn’t come up with much.

It’s also in Chum. Not sure if any difference …

@nielDK built svn for Sailfish years ago, but probably not still functioning…

The standard cli git client is available from jolla repository, once you enabled dev mode…
Just do devel-su pkcon install git

Quick replies, thank you! devel-su pkcon install git has installed perfectly. It would be good to know if an SVN client is available anywhere (but not essential).

Just out of curiosity, I was able to get svn working with rpms from CentOS repo… I can zip and post if you want… (aarch64)

There’s alao Tig, in Chum repo…

@ Levone1 Yes, if you could post the zip that would be useful, thank you.

extract all rpms to a folder and use ‘zypper in’ to install… You will probably get “problem: nothing provides (whatever). Choose solution”. You can just choose #2 (install anyway). I checked docs, and all of the required files are there, plus most of the optionals. I think there is one optional missing. If you want to look into finding it, you probably could. I just didn’t want to spend any more time on it…

@Levone1 Perfect, thank you.

Maybe you/one* can dig the obs service file for svn in opensuse and use it in then post it to chum

Maybe I’ll loik into it… Generally, I:

  • don’t spend too much time on these things
  • don’t really know what I’m doing (just tunker here and there).

There are a couple of the dependencies available from zypper/Jolla, and the rest I just google-searched for as the error messages popped up. Seems like the easy/hacky way to package would be to wrap all the files up in one rpm, or maybe a one-cluck script to install all of the rpms…
The right/proper way you’re indicating is probably a bit beyond me, but I’ll try to find a few minutes to look into it.

Of course, hacking it is the way to go:) just saying that theres a chance you can build rpms from source on sailfish if you find them in

Without access to a computer I can’t say if this, without a _service file, would work in sailfish obs: Show devel🛠scm:svn / subversion - openSUSE Build Service

I only had this to get started Community OBS - Refurbished and re-floated - #22 by lbt and only built sfos packages for now, minus a onedrive binary inspired from opensuse at Show home:b100dian:onedrive / onedrive - SailfishOS Open Build Service

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Hi guys, just to let you know, I’m tinkering with the svn build here:

… and intend to push it to chum once it’s ready.

Does anyone need the server parts and other tools (svnadmin, svnsync etc) of subversion? Or is just packaging the client enough?


Just the client is enough for me. I’ve moved my content to a git repo, but would be happy to test.

After spending a day or two fighting linker errors, the standalone subversion client is ready for testing at:

You want the “subversion-client” package, not “subversion” (which isn’t published anyway).