Sound subsystem gripes

I’m not sure if a topic about this exists already but I would like to raise some gripes I have about the sound system and ask if we can maybe get better/more in depth access to it.

Sometimes it seems that the SFOS bluetooth devices behave like original /dev/sound sound devices (for those who don’t remember before there were mixing daemons if your soundcard and it’s driver didn’t happen to support multiple inputs it was first come first serve whatever program grabbed the sound device for output had it and nothing else), if for instance I have both gPodder and Talefish or Media open then one program may output to the headset while the other outputs to the phone speakers until I use Utilities/Networking restart.

Another real annoyance is that seemingly random things can modify the volume of the signal being output, for instance getting a notification during a podcast may either permanently raise or lower the volume of the output while there is no way to fix this, when pressing the volume rocker maximum volume will be shown.

In general it would be nice if we had access to more in depth sound controls not just from the command line.


Yeah, sound issues are annoying to me too.
Volume is generally very low on the phone (noticed in X, XA2 and 10) and sometimes barely usable on bluetooth headsets.
I boost % of volume manually in the CLI with

pactl set-sink-volume 12 200%

where the number 12 is from output of

pactl list sinks short | grep RUNNING

but BT stream is not always visible there. So I need to restart BT with

devel-su systemctl restart bluetooth

but it doesn’t always help and it’s annoying during the call.

I guess a bug report is in order.

Those issues seem that can be solved with a mixer app for SFOS but we don’t have something like that. (i think at least)

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Good idea and then please do not forget to add an equalizer systemwide

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I wanted to mention that there is an issue related to apps themselves. I’m building an audio app, which abuses reverb. It’s certainly the case that audio output is generally to low. But, fact is, the feedback on my reverb is still not damping enough and could blow the speakers if the volume was any higher :wink: