Sound notifications of android apps

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): all time
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2 Ultra
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No


After last update I have no sound notifications from android messengers like Telegram and Kate. I was very happy, when after previous update sound notifications return, after year of silent, but now again need manually checking phone for new messages(



  1. install telegram
  2. receive message
  3. listen silent(


Sound “PIM!”




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For me, WhatsApp’s nagging me with repeating messages of ‘WhatsApp web is currently active.’. I know that, since I started it by myself but still every 15-30 Minutes I get a notification.

That’s expected. On Android, this pops up as a notification and you can’t remove it until you log out AFAIK.
As for notification sounds, I’m getting them (from Sailfish’s side not the android app’s side)

You can turn “other notifications” off from android setting.


Yeah)) Because of it I have WatsApp only if it need me, and remove immediately after using.

But after previous update sound of notifications was worked, after year had been broken. BUT! Android telegram could use sound with notifications early, than Kate. May be it depend on some ways, how apps make notifications?
But still weird - if I have notification about message, and have record about it under weather forecast - it must use some sound.

And in each release no information about sound-notifications from apps.
5-6 months and again need check phone for new messages. It make me sad.

In waiting of new update.

I can confirm the behaviour as described. Only I don’t use telegram (neither whatsapp) but I miss (for e.g.) my notification sounds of incoming email messages (which I receive via android app rather than the less capable sailfish email client).
After the update to SFOS I don’t even see the LED light up on my XA2 upon an android app notification.

However, I do like the new way android apps present their notifications on the SF notification screen (as well as pop up info).

Can it be a big issue to make android chime its “Tethys” (or whatever other) sound when notifications come in?

In the last version I have only vibration from and nothing from Viber, Kate, VK, Watsapp.
Only Telegram have sounds.

[] Still silent(

Check out this woraround. I already tried, and had fixed several of my apps

Thank you. I make changes from this link and reboot the phone.
Wait for new messages.

Sadly - yes. This method works.
Why sadly? Because it means for each app need some changes and this changes I must write by myself.
And or store or OS can’t do it automatically.
/usr/share/lipstick/androidnotificationpriorities I added articles for Kate and for telegramX and that work.

I’m still thinking - it’s a bug.
Because I’m seen notifications on the top of the screen, I’m seen notifications on the notifications screen, but hear no sound without this modification. If OS understands - “I have notification from this app”, why can’t play sound without this file? Does OS need classification for apps? Who must change this config after installing an app?

how did you add the articles. Could you explain it?

Sadly, but these actions need to do every update.
Can the updater check - file on the phone has a diff or not, and if the phone has an extra line - write these lines after an update, or just keep it?
Doing this action after each update - wasting time.

What are you mean?
Description, or what?

I dont know. It was in November where I asked. update - need again change file.
Yes change lipstick sile helps, by can someone write sinmple script, that add new information, change exist information, but doesn’t remove information, that was writed by user?
It takes a lot of time to add all apps, because need search for names in different plases and write in by hands.

4.4.0 update - still need again change file((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
If I post simple sh script, that can copy new file and copy in it extra line frome phone - can anyone resolve this problem with updates???