Sony Xperia XA2 Plus - Starter Fresh Install

Hello… Bonjours everybody!

[Little backgound]
I just recently cracked the screen of one of my XA2 Plus H4493 device; while going down the stairs of my apartment due to the snow I slip and slide 10 stairs on my butt while the phone was on my back pocket. I am alright, but the phone bent and cracked the screen… the screen protector wasn’t strong enough to save it from all the impacts. While the screen was still responsive I was able to backup the phone. Today I can’t use it anymore for my daily routine.

I was previously running v4 koli but the update from 3 to 4 made the phone very slow and I was unable to install fresh android apps and the device lagged most of the time.

So I decided to use my backup phone the other XA2 Plus H4493, this one runs android 8 and let me tell you after a few days using android, I just want to go back to Sailfish OS. This time I have hopes to flash it with a new install and avoid all the bugs due to partitions and permissions issues.

I am posting this new topic to ask for advice regarding the flash. Apparently my device Build number 50.1.A.11.40 doesn’t have an android 9 update.

1- Does it matter that I need to use android 9 instead of android 8 on Sailfish 4… Before flashing the device to Sailfios OS ? What will I miss ?

2- To solve the issue, I believe it is possible to change/flash the Xperia to a different region and get a different build number in order to update to Pie. Right ?

3- I heard there is a new update coming soon (late April)… well or May now. Should I wait for the update to get a clean install instead of OTA?

All help is appreciated.


there is a step by step installation on the jolla site.

Thanks apozaf!

I checked it already!

On the procedure step they quoted:

What you need to do

1. Skip the Android update

  • It is not necessary to update your device to the latest version of Android. You can skip the update if prompted.
  • Both Android 9 and Android 8.1 are now okay as the starting point for installing Sailfish OS 3.2.0 and later releases. Do not update to Android 10 in case it is offered. You can see the Android version in Settings app > System > About Phone.

Does Sailfish OS 4 is valid on that statement ? I just don’t want to miss out anything.

Yes, it is valid for SFOS 4

Thanks for the clarification apozaf.
Now all I need to do is buy a new license😎 and start the flaaash