Sony Xperia XA2 and Root Permissions

Hello everybody,
forgive me if I write here, I could not find better!
In my Xperia XA2 Dual sim, with Sailfish, I have problems with an Android app: it installs regularly, but I can’t use it because it tells me that the phone is rooted.
Is there a way to “not let them hear” that the phone is rooted?

Which app is it? Maybe try to use MicroG. Working still on 4.0…

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and thanks for the reply, but i have already installed microG and it works perfectly.
The app in question is used to use the Italian Public System of Digital Identity.

Interesting. … Did you already try it without MicroG? Or is it one of those apps that requires Gplay services ?

No I haven’t tried both because it requires GPlay Services and then because I still haven’t figured out how to enable signature spoofing without going through Sailfish 3.3.