Sony Xperia III - Android 12

After the reboot you should be happy Sailfish OS owner :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it’s now time for

thank you … I’ll definitely check this out too : )

Thanks a lot, your guide is exactly right!

After a lot of fuss, I succeeded.

It should read:

Unlock bootloader
Emma → 62.0.A.3.109
Relock bootloader
OTA → 62.0.A.3.131
OTA → 62.0.A.3.163
OTA → 62.0.A.9.11
Unlock bootloader (again)
Install SailFish

Presumably like a lot of people, I stopped at this point (as per the Jolla instructions, and then installed Sailfish.
What additional functionality does the further updates bring (if known?), and should I be thinking of a reflash (though actually, presume with Android that’s not possible anymore)??

The phone is generally working well (much nicer than the xperia x) but I do have a few annoying bugs/issues.


We’re happy to confirm that Android 12 is ok for Xperia 10 III. Installation instructions as well as help desk article are updated. That said, Xperia 10 III devices with Android 11 have been used more as daily devices. Thus, we recommend using Android 11.

We hope that this helps you all. Thank you!


Could flashing the phone from Android 12 solve some bugs?
The echo cancellation and this bug are annoying.

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Is this likely to be the case for the 10 II at some point too?

Unfortunately flashing Android 12 to your Xperia 10 III will not fix echo cancellation issue. Discussed also over here. Further, I do not believe that disappearing sound and freezing video would get fixed either.

From my past experience it has been actually other way round. When developers have (back)ported something for a device adaptation let’s say for wlan driver, then when upgrading beyond the recommended Android version the wlan driver started acting up as the adaptation fix no longer worker.

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The audio bug is also present when Android 12 was installed prior to SFOS. I tested Android 12 and 3 different Android 11 releases and the bug always occurs.

This good news.
The first thing my 10 III did at power on/config, was to immediately update to android 12 as soon as the wifi was running.

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Posting here for posterity:

This nice gentleperson has kept an archive of past Sony firmware packs, including the 62.0.A.9.11, enabling a simple and direct path using newflasher, rather than jumping through multiple hoops.


Could you also tell us which is the recommended Android 11 version?
62.0.A.3.109 that can be installed by Emma, and version that shipped with my phone,
or 62.0.A.9.11 that can be installed by OTA?
What is the recommended one? Official guide only mentions the first one, and not doing any further OTAs, meanwhile people here recommended to OTA. Which one was tested the most?


@rainemak, the other more detailed help desk article is not updated yet.

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Would it make any difference install SailfishOS 4 on Xperia 10 iii running Android oid 11 or 12? I don’t thinkk so, but just curious

Thank you @olf for noticing this.

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Could you also confirm which version of Android 11 is the official and recommended one, as I asked 3 posts above?

Slightly OT: what are the conditions for getting OTA upgrades in android?
I had 62.0.A.3.17 and 62.0.A.3.109 flashed with EMMA, bootloader locked (fastboot oem lock) but no update notification received . I will probably flash v12 via newflasher to see if it makes a difference for this topic Unable to use mobile data on Sony Xperia 10 III - #67 by rtr2001

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