Sony Xperia III - Android 12

This morning accidentally update to android 12. Is there any information about install Sailfish OS on Xperia III.
To install Sailfish OS, should I need to downgrade to v11 first???

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Don’t worry about it! Should it be necessary to downgrade for some reason, Jolla will mention it and will explain how to do so.


According to this:

XperiaX10III will indeed use Android 11 as the base.



So it is mandatory to downgrade?


Use this guide to do it.

Just for the benefit of others commissioning Xperia 10III upon Sailfish OS, if like me number of firmware updates are necessary avoid leaving upon 62.0.A.3.163 as has WiFi issues and go for last Android 11 update 62.0.A.9.11 with Android security patch level: 1 February 2022

Android 12 is 62.1.A.0.533


How can I control not going beyond Android 11 update 62.0.A.9.11? I am afraid that I might accidentally end up with Android 12

Fearing the sae thing as @JoOppen , I let the device be on 62.0.A.3.28…

Should I Emma to the latest 11 version and redo SailfishOS?

Do we have to unlock the bootloader too? It seems like the only way to use Emma is via unlocking. Offciail document for Xperia III refers to How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 III on macOS - Jolla but it implies that we have to downgrade to Android 11. Now, people provided a link to this page but this page uses Emma. When using Emma, it says that the phone is locked (as illustrated in the attached pic)

Now, at the beginning of the previous link it mentions that we should follow yet another guideline

" Follow chapter 1 , option 2 in our *[official Sailfish X instructions ]( (the Windows version for Xperia X )."

Going to that page Says that either I have to use Emma or use the latest software version for locked bootloader. It seems like the Documentation has some kind of loop which never works. In this case what is the solution? unlocking the bootloader?

If boot loader locked can use Newflasher and Xperifirm to install whatever version you like:

Don’t think that I ever ticked any option to disallow firmware update, so had to follow prompt to install every available firmware update until required one reached. Until Android 12 update released by Sony, Xperia Companion could have be used to jump to latest Android 11:

Whilst Newflasher & Xperifirm could previously be used to install whatever version you want, I have just found out that latest version of Xperifirm 5.6.5 only provides latest firmware presumably due to changes at Sony’s server end. My apologies for inferring otherwise previously.

How do you download earlier versions with Xperifirm? The only version that seems to show up on that for me is the latest, so I’m unable to use this to do the downgrade.

You can’t.

I managed to get this flash to complete using newflasher but now the device bootloops :rofl: Surely there must be a better way out of this weird documentation loop.

Thanks for the hint about XperiFirm tool. However the latest version (5.6.5) does not list Xperia 10 III in the menu. It only has Xperia 10 III Lite or Xperia 1 III in its list.

I have just found out upon updating that Xperifirm v5.6.5 now only provides latest firmware presumably due to changes at Sony’s server end. My apologies for inferring otherwise previously.

I tried updating and learned that Android updates version by version so you easily can avoid updating beyond 62.0.A.9.11

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I could not downgrade and stuck, since there is no way to go back without unlocking bootloader. At least we need clear answer that if we are in Android 12 we must do a bootloader unlock.

Thank you for this, bookmarked.

@Pretzel4Life fwiw XperiFirm does have XQ-BT52:

Indeed doesn’t help as latest FW is Android 12 62.1.A.0.587
Does anyone perchance have the 62.0.A.9.11 firmware saved and could share?