Sony Xperia fingerprint reader experience

I’m on my third Xperia device now so have used (for extended periods) Xperia X, XA2 and most recently 10.

With all of these devices I have found the fingerprint unlocking similarly inconsistent.

  • I can register a fingerprint without issue
  • I find that I have to fall back to PIN about 50% plus of unlocks
  • I rarely unlock the phone with the first finger scan

So I’m wondering:

  • Is this just a general Xperia quality issue?
  • Are my expectations of finger print scanning too high? (doubt it)
  • Are there any tricks for making this process more accurate in SFOS?


I’m using fingerprint on the XA2 to authenticate, and for me it’s working with around 95% success.
And when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for second or third try also, which probably means that my finger is dusty.


I have the same problems, 50-60% of success rate.
Still, i NEVER manage to unlock at first attempt in the morning, after the phone has been locked for the whole night. Maybe my fingers undergo some kind of morphing when I sleep? :slight_smile:

In all other cases, it helps if you clean the sensor. I use one of those wet wipes for cleaning glasses. The rate improves a lot over the next couple of days.

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My experience is: Cold finger (coming from outside) and wet finger is recognized especially bad. Also after washing the hands with soap or dishwashing.
With warm and dry finger it works mostly fine.
Also the sensor seems to recognise a special part of the fingertip best, I had also to find out what part of the fingertip this is, and touch the sensor with this part. This seems to depend of the way how you registered your fingerprints.
Cleaning the fingerprint sensor with a cloth is also helpful.

I have had the Xperia X since SF was supported and have a XA2 now. Cleanliness of the sensor is pretty important. The occasions when I have to unlock my phone manually are very rare but I have to clean the sensor every four or five days.

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I had pretty good success rate before, but after having to do a reset recently i took even more care to register my fingerprints from different variations of the angle they will be used in.
And it got even better!
Did you make sure the “training rounds” saw your finger from all different angles, and not just enough to satisfy the enrolment logic?


This seems to have done the trick.

Interestingly the enrollment kept getting stuck telling me to clean the sensor but persisting through that and going to great lengths to cover all angles has resulted in so far 100% scan unlocks since yesterday evening.

Thanks for this advice, feels like something I must have tried previously but obviously not well enough as I’ve never had it so consistent!