Sony Xperia 10 plus dead if temperature goes below -5


Anybody experience reboot issue when temperature is going below zero (around -5). Mine Xperia 10 plus started rebooting very frequently without reaching point to enter device unlock pin. Any idea is it due to Sony hardware limitation or it can be something related to Sailfish OS. When phone become warmer no issues at all.

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This is probably HW related. In general electronics don’t perform well in negative temps.

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Usuall caused by bad battery.

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my wife has a case made of wool

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That is common for batteries. Went skiing with a xiaomi device at -11 yesterday, same. Try wearing it near your body. Talk to a electric car owner on how they perform in winter :smiley:


cool comment! I recently came across ARTE documentation about electric cars - how they have even bigger environmental impact than diesel or gas cars. It is off topic, but no one learns about Nikola Tesla and his technology to supply wireless electricity. It was 100y ago … instead we pollute the planet.

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@deloptes: do you mean induction? I was in china 8 years ago. Near Shanghai there was a highway with induction under the road so electric cars were charging while driving. Nowerdays the stopped investing in electric cars completely and produce synthetic fuel far more “green” than any e car.

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I am not exactly an expert in high frequency voltage, but in 1999 as I read the story of Nikola Tesla, it turned my world upside down. His vision might have been based on induction, but it would have been on another level.
Anyway I was devastated as the man had the vision, but they ruined him and let him die unknown despite our modern world is based on his inventions.
Anyway - go to the library and read the autobiography - it is the best source - otherwise key word Wardenclyffe Tower.
It is a shame to not know this man and his work.

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and now they say in the news Norway is a leader in registration of new electric cars 51% (no taxes, driving in the bus line, free parking) However all the Norwegians were keeping the old cars for “long journeys” :smiley: - so we double the CO2 footprint - bravo Norway!


Of course I know all his work that made it into physic books as I studied physics 25 years ago (but did not finish it and forgot anything). He was one of the few real geniuses amongst humanity.
Mainly there were two things that have done a revolution on electricity:

  • AC and its ability to transport electricity without loss
  • radio frequency technique. He could not know he was transferring “information” and not “energy”. Even now we do not really know if information needs any form of energy. It is more a philosophical question also and some scientists think it would need some sort of “aether” again as Tesla also thought to describe this. QED (quantum electro dynamics) with its virtual photons is not far away from an aether in my point of view anyway.
    I am gonna check out his autobiography - thanks for the tip!
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The lifetime environment impact for combustion engine cars is bigger than EV’s in any case.

@tla123: Ufff, cannot agree here: It depends on so many factors: How often you drive, what distance, how long you use a car etc. etc. “Experts” say more and more that EVs are sometimes far worse than a modern diesel engine where in some cases the air that gets out of the exhaust pipes is cleaner than before combustion. It also depends if you think CO2 is the devil (which I do not - CO2 is life) or assume there are other far more dangerous substances produced by cars: NO, fine particles, tyre wear particles etc… This is just my opinion, nothing more. What I definatly know is that old Porsches or supercars have by far the least envionmental impact: People are driving not much with them and they keep them for their lifetime. A friend of mine got rid of his Tesla S first edition - repairs and battery replacement would have been too expensive. He could not even drive 90km with 100kmh anymore.
For me the worst thing is that like in other businesses, cars, EVs AND combustors, have become a disposable product. Built as cheap as possible, very difficult to repair yourself, small motors with a lot of turbopower that won`t last very long or batteries that need to be exchanged and disposed. THAT is the real threat for our envionment in my opinion, the complete kill of sustainability. Kind regards.


@apozaf totally agree. We are getting OT here, but it must be said. In the ARTE documentary it was mentioned that the french did extensive studies taking into account everything in the chain like extracting the materials needed to build the car and the production of the electricity (for example the wind mills are not build of air - they are also built from expensive materials and have impact). The conclusion was devastating, but no one published the study - why?
Briefly EV is BS. It could be usable short distance and in big cities, but the environmental impact for the total live of the car and its battery (or better batteries) is even worse than that of diesel.
Regarding disposal - also totally agree! I live by the motto buy less - use longer.

@tla123 - I am sorry that there are so many naive people like you … but hey - you know the bible? or if you do not the bible perhaps you have seen the movie The Matrix …
We hope you’ll wake up one day. To cite the ARTE documentary: in 2030 or 2040 we will look back and admit that we have done things (for the environment) even worse!


and @apozaf. I wonder where you people come from, same place as climate change denialists I suppose. I just wanted to point out a blatant falsehood. Not gonna continue this any further.

@tla123, climate change denial? Climate stagnation? I come from a place where we care about our environment and I do whatever I can for environment protection and pollution control. That is why I always like discussions and are open for everything, sadly you are not and blinded by lobby control. Try using your brain, think for yourself, look at all the people that suffer from cobalt extraction the same way as you look at fossil oil pollution. Our environment will die because of short sighted believes like EV. I would never say that combustion engines are the solution and I do not want you to put me in a corner where I am not standing. This is fanaticism and EV fundamentalism. The same sin as fossil oil fundamentalism.

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How come did this discussion change from the original topic (Xperia 10+ dead in low temp) to electric cars and climate change?

PLEASE, stick to the heading. Your school teacher would certainly not have allowed to write about non-related topics?

Open different posts for different topics. Let’s not make this Forum to another “together mess”.

Thank you!


Yea, sorry, we went off topic because batteries stop to work at low temperatures. Maybe move our discussion to the general forum, but I think we are done here anyway.

Came up to mind that it might be wise to monitor the battery temperature and status/health before the device shuts down. I personally use ChargeMonitor app which is available on Jolla Store and works flawlessly at least on XA2 Dual-Sim.

ChargeMonitor can actually log the temperature and other statistics onto basic txt file located on (user)/Documents/chargemonlog.txt