Sony xperia 10 iii mms issues


I recently acquired a Sony Xperia 10 iii and flashed Sailfish OS on it. For some reason, my Sony Xperia 10 iii cannot receive multimedia text messages. I am using my mobile phone on T-Mobile network in USA. To no avail, I manually entered T-Mobile MMS information under my mobile phone’s MMS section. Is anyone experiencing the same problem as I am? Is the problem coming from Sailfish OS or T-Mobile USA? Does anyone know how to solve the problem that I am experiencing?

Connect name: T-mobile
Access point name:
Protocol: Dual
Authentication: None
MMS message center address:

I can still remember that you first had to send an MMS in order to be able to receive an MMS.
From Telekom help:
As soon as you have sent your first photo/video MMS to any cell phone number or e-mail address, you are automatically activated to receive it. You will then receive a welcome MMS to confirm.

they fail on my 10iii too using 4.5.18 and UK vodafone.

For me, Vodafone Australia - I have to disable Mobile Data to send and receive MMS. Once sent or received, I re-enable Mobile Data

Wow. I’ve never thought about that, but I do remember receiving MMS in some unexpected situations while failing normally.
I’ve just tried to test this remedy, but for some reason MMS arrived without an issue. Go figure.
Nevertheless, I’ll try it the first time it fails.