Sony Xperia 10 III gps location NOT WORKING

Phone: Xperia 10 III
Os: Sailfish OS 4.5
Language: English

The gps and location does not work. When i try to add my location it just says invalid. HERE Maps just says please try again. I just flashed sailfish os latest firmware today. The native weather app does not work as well. It says invalid restrictions.

I was wondering if anyone had a fix to this issue. I drive for a living and maps is very important to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please add to your description that location services don’t work in Android App Support if the problem is restricted to that. HERE is an android app.

Here you can find information regarding native weather app not working.

As for GPS, no idea. I use Here Maps on Xperia 10II, voice is the only thing not working for me.

Please download the app GPSInfo from the jolla store. Maybe you can post a screenshot from the app?
Also make sure that you are not in airplane mode while trying to get a fix. This makes a difference at least for me. And could you also post a screenshot from the settings of the location page within the settings app?


Here is another image from gpsinfo

Please remember after flashing all ephemeris data has been lost and on my !0III recorded 98secs for time to first fix. Do your location settings look like this? Is GPS icon present?

For your first image yes, but the second does not look like that at all. Says zero. How can o fix this?

Where do you test the GPS? Inddoor or outdoor? Have you tried leaving the phone outdoor for several minutes(up to 10)? Was the GPS working with Android installed?

I’ve only tried using it indoor. It’s not a daily use of mine. I forgot to mention that i did not insert a sim card into the phone. I wanted to make sure everything works before doing it. Would that factor into gps not working? I forgot to test maps before the flash from Android to Sailfish .

Depending on where you tested it indoors, it is likely to never get a fix. Take the phone outside and give it a try. No, the SIM is n ot needed for the GPS to work.

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Thanks. Just by stepping outside. It works! Maps is working perfectly. Now if only i can weather app to work. It says invalid credentials.

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That is a known issue (and an unfortunate one):

We just have to wait, and use another weather app, or bookmark a Foreca local weather forecast page.

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I already posted a link about the problems with Sailfish weather app, I guess that got overlooked.

On my 10iii the GPS works to very high precision (it claims 2 meters horizontal precision, and the values match my location on a map), both in “offline mode” (GPS) and with the Mozilla cell data. However,

  • I never have a GPS icon in the top bar,
  • GPSinfo looks slightly different – I miss: time to first fix, magnetic declination, Calibration.

(This is no problem.)

It only works to that precision if I step outside, or just stay in front of an open a door. With doors closed, it claims “9000 m” horizontal precision, and the values returned are about 500 m wrong.

My apologies. I did overlook it. Appreciate your help with this device.


I didn’t notice it either, sorry about that! Guess I read the thread a bit too fast.

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The X10 III has far inferior GPS performance under SFOS than stock Android.

  • Phone is much slower to acquire lock than Android in all cases.
  • Phone is unable to get lock at all if signal is weak, regardless of number of satellites seen, or time.
  • Phone detects and displays the sats quickly - same as android. It just cannot lock or is slow to lock.

This appears to be the long existing bug that afflicted the XA2 also. The 10 III has better GPS generally that the XA2, but the basic issue appears to be the same one.

I should have did some more research on sailfish. So will jolla address the bugs on this phone or will they simply ignore them? I really like the feel of user interface. It so refreshing.

My 10 iii is pretty good. Got its first lock under SF in 3 seconds. Struggles in Montpellier, France though presumably because it’s 6 floor buildings 5 metres apart.