Sony Xperia 10 iii flatpak

hi can flatpak be installed on the sony experia 10 iii be nice to run some of those packages any help would be appreciated

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Please search before posting:

Status of 10 II and aarch64 in general should apply to the 10 III.

i did search its 10 iii not ii and it doesnt work

Typo in last post fixed.
So it is still the same between the two. Neither probably works.

seems that way hopefully a fix will come soon thanks anyway

There is no indication that the fix will come soon. I have stopped working on it after trying to fix it for a month and I am not aware of anyone else taking over. So, don’t expect it to come soon out unless someone would actively try to fix it.

To my knowledge, Droidian is using the approach based on my code and made it work for them. HW acceleration was possible at some point, not sure it is now. However, I don’t remember the details - just giving pointers for someone who could be interested to work on it.

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thanks for the reply hopefully sooner than later i suppose this the issue with open source people like yourself have to fix and put in hours and hours on your own time and effort were as google and ios have an open supply of money and resources shame as i feel sailfish is one of the most polished linux ditros for the mobile phone

I get what you mean, and sorry to nit pick here, but “open source” doesn’t have anything to do with it.

A project can be open source and well-funded and well-staffed, and another can be proprietary/closed and still being done as a hobby in a single person’s free time.

yeah i see what you mean i was just stating must be difficult to spend a lot of time on a project to fix an issue all on your lonesome cant be easy.