Sony Xperia 10 III dual-SIM (XQ-BT52) black for sale - with jolla-account: 199€

Hi, I tried SailfishOS for more than a year and I like this Xperia 10 III phone very much. But now I’ll try another OS for which I need a Pixel phone.

Selling the Xperia 10 III in black, fully functional. It is comfortable to hold and fits well in a trouser pocket due to its size.
The cell phone is in good condition, it has always been used with a silicone case and a screen protector. There are no cracks or scratches on the display, as can be seen in the pictures.

SailfishOS is installed as the operating system, the corresponding jolla-account is also sold.

Shipping only in the EU.

If you are interested, please contact me or look here at e-bay:
[edit:] Sony Xperia 10 III dual-SIM (XQ-BT52) schwarz, guter Zustand | eBay

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Your link does not show the advert, please provide a more direct link to the item, like by item number.

I’m sorry, here the link:

Update: sold

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with jolla-account

Not sure what this means, but a Jolla license is not transferable to another person.
And it makes me mad to see people advertising this again and again; probably the same people who complain about Jolla’s fragile business model or whatever.


“A Jolla license is not transferable to another person” means you can’t associate the licence to another account on the forum. You get the password and you accept the history of @Speedy-10 on this forum as you’ll now impersonate it for any interaction. Big advantage for the purchaser is you can start using a Jolla phone without any previous knowledge on how to flash a device, or the complications of having to make one purchase online and the risk of the purchased licence somehow not working for you.

I don’t see what would prevent in principle to set up a phone with a password and gift it to a relative, and nobody needs to know if you’re not really living together. Though it would be wiser not admit openly on this forum as Jolla employees could notice and terminate the licence for breach of the terms of use.

I don’t think Jolla should go the way of irritating its rather small user base. When Jolla become an unavoidable giant they’ll be able to take such measures like the streaming companies have recently done against “password sharing”. And the proposed mechanism here is not even password sharing, as there is only ever one human using the licence at a time.