Sony Xperia 10 III Dual-Sim for sale (NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE)


I one sell my Xperia 10 III Dual-Sim with or without the Jolla account for AppSupport, as i dont need the account anymore and move to a dumphone…

The device is into new state with the box and USB-Cable no charger, there are 3 backcover cases and also some extra screenprotectors.


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Accounts are not transferrable.

No but you can give your account with the device i have done this before as i dont need to account anymore…I would give my account and password to the new user, i dont see any problem…

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Ok, fair enough, if you’ve done this before. I thought I understood correctly, clearly not. :smiling_face:


Maybe it is not relevant for you anymore, as you say you switched to a dumbphone, but: I really don’t get it why so many people think it’s OK to transfer the license. This is the way for Jolla to earn a small income. No licenses sold - no development and no infrastructure.

On their shop there is a FAQ:

  1. If I buy a used Xperia device with Sailfish X already installed, can I use it with my own Jolla Account?
    You can use the device with Sailfish OS, but without the commercial content requiring a licence. If you want to have the full experience you need to purchase a new licence.

While this is a) no legal text and b) the question doesn’t 100% match the situation of this thread, I think the intention is clear: if you buy a device and want Sailfish X, buy a license.

There may be situations when a person can’t afford a license, but in that case maybe it is not necessary to use the license as an advertisement but make a discreet deal.

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Ok i understand you, i will keep the device then no problem… i also like to have Jolla supported into some way but then i need to sell the device a lot cheaper then now.

So i will ask the moderator to close this topic