Sony Xperia 10 II won't unlock anymore

I need your help!
It is a Sony Xperia 10 II with Sailfish OS version with Android support. First, the Android app “Gboard” was installed via the Aptoide store. The device security code, previously a 5-digit number, has been changed to 4 consecutive letters. Then the Gboard app was uninstalled again and the Sony restarted. Since then it is no longer possible to unlock the device. The 4-digit letter code can be entered but cannot be confirmed with “Enter” (the hook only reacts after 5 digits).

In the meantime I have put the Sony into recovery mode and can access “Jolla Recovery v2.0”. If I now select the 3) shell here, I am asked for the “devicelock code”. Here I can now enter the 4-digit code consisting of 4 letters and confirm with Enter. I get the message:

[OK] Code accepted.
/ #

Of course I also know the root password. Is there a way to change the device security code back to a 5-digit number code so that it can be entered the next time you restart and the device starts as before and without a reset.
What do I have to enter?

Try this from the rescue shell:

cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/mapper/sailfish-home

If cryptsetup is not available, you may need to chroot to your root filesystem first (I have not tested this on a rescue system) .

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Thank you, it worked, I was able to change the device code and put it back into normal mode, works!! Many many thanks!

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