Sony Xperia 10 II vs III

Considering thise comparison, the only reason to have a 10 III is the 5G, right?


Apparently that site has no idea what’s what.
The CPU is a fair bit faster; but the real killer feature is the 50% extra RAM.


And on top of that, I believe this site compares the phones as they come with android.
While on sailfish you might encounter device specific issues.

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The SoC and the 5G are the main differences but the RAM is just 2Gb more. The CPU is not faster (just a little bit) but the GPU is much faster which is useful in 3 cases:

  • real-time graphic intensive games¹
  • video/photo editing with professional software that leverage the GPU
  • AI application that can leverage the GPU

About RAM: I can understand that 2GB more is better but 4GB is quite enough, IMHO. The more powerful GPU is leading with fainthing battery drain problems. The 5G is better but with the 4G performances I can live all my life long (it has been said of 640kb of RAM).

Screenshot from 2023-06-22 21-02-40 Screenshot from 2023-06-22 21-03-31 Screenshot from 2023-06-22 21-02-57

I am just comparing the hardware

In fact, because the GPU overpowerful the X10III has a severe battery drain issue. Expecially because its display works at 120 fps while the X10II’s at 60 fps. I think than 30fps is quite enough for everybody and bringing down the fps would save a lot of energy.


¹ why the hell using linux instead of Android to play? And why the hell playing with the smartphone, in first place?

It might not sound like a lot, but when it is 50% more, that’s significant.

While ARM CPUs are RISC, you still can’t just make such a simplistic cores-time-gigahertz comparison given how much fancy pipelining, power management etc happens nowadays.


This is my last week RAM usage statistics

That side compare many hardware aspects and those are sensible relevant, I shown here. However, I might be overlook something and you can find out in that site. From a commercial point of view the biggest difference is the 5G, as long as the battery drain issues is properly addressed.

What do you mean 120fps? 10 III has a 60Hz display.
I don’t know how current you are with smartphone specs, especially since you mentioned android, but 4GB ram was not enough even 5 years ago, while today 8 to 12 is the norm.

On sailfish on the other hand, at least on the latest version, even 6 on the 10 III are not enough.

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Even the Xperia 10 V has still 60FPS. Just like the Speria 10 III.


My stats said the opposite. Just tell me which tasks need so much RAM. Tasks that you have to execute on your on smartphone on the moment because you cannot wait to reach your laptop and transfer the data you need to elaborate.

Display 60Hz, Touchscreen 120Hz. Asia and EU specs are the same.

Yes, you are right.

That is a funny way of comparing…

The important parts I think is:
Bluetooth 5.0 vs 5.1
Screen-to-body: 77.54% vs 79.70%
RAM: 4GB vs 6GB
Battery: 3600 mAh vs 4500 mAh
Cellular: 1-4G support vs 1-5G support
GPS: 10 II does not support Galileo 10 III does

10 III 10 II
AnTuTu: 286216 (v8) AnTuTu: 196545 (v8)
GeekBench: 1738 (v5.1) GeekBench: 1413 (v5.1)
GFXBench: 12fps (ES 3.1 onscreen) GFXBench: 5.6fps (ES 3.1 onscreen)

Why these features are relavant?

Xperia 10 Plus supports Galileo navigation

One of the aims of Galileo is to provide an independent high-precision positioning system so European political and military authorities do not have to rely on the US GPS, or the Russian GLONASS systems, which could be disabled or degraded by their operators at any time.

The Galileo system has a greater accuracy than GPS, having an accuracy of less than 1 m when using broadcast ephemeris (GPS: 3 m)

Since May 2000 the same precision signal has been provided to both civilians and the military.

Does it have to be relevant to you only?
What does Xperia 10 plus have to do with 10 II and III?

Well, I am in Europe. Galileo is better than GPS here. The screen to body is nice, less edges to look at :slight_smile: And Bluetooth… well a higher number is nice to have… More features.

Galielo navigation is a very interesting feature which X10II is missing but everything else is a matter of personal taste. Also, 5G is quite a matter of taste and mostly a commercial hype.

Just tell me which tasks need so much RAM

Ah so you haven’t found Low memory, apps crashing - change zram settings or add swapfile? [4.x] yet?

Browser and a core set of Android business apps (email, Slack) alone absolutely murders 4 GB (really 3.5, minus GPU allocation).

It’s a miserable experience, and having now extensively tested zram and filesystem swap ideas, I can say there is no solution, other than 8+ GB physical RAM.


I have found 4 answers that seem promising

Unfortunately, you are reported that no one of them is working. I wish to point out that an Xperia 10 II refurbished would cost between €120 and €240. While a Xperia 1 II with 8GB is about €400 and Xperia 1 III with 12Gb is over €500. It is a huge difference in price.

IMHO, swap on internal SSD disk is the best way to destroy your deive storage capability with the solely result that after some time (may be one year) your smartphone is degraded to a piece of junk because when the internal SSD lacks of fail-back blocks, it is dead also and expecially in performances. This could explain your experience.

The 90-95% of zram of the available CPU RAM (the let after GPU took its part) is the only long-term solution about RAM scarcity on cheap devices. Well, not so cheap because with a less than €300, I have bought a brand new A52s with 8GB at the beginning of 2022.

Well, missing… I do not know… I have applied a PM patch that load XTRA v3 almanac into the Qualcomm modem/GPS and I can see the Galileo constellation. Using them, probably is another story. Moreover, having the global full almanac loaded into GPS, it can show to me anything recorded into it - but - this app is showing me also the signal strenght not just a dot on a sky map…

Uh i’m in europe too, and never been connected to a single galileo, i connect generally to 50% gps, 49% glonass and maybe one single time to a beidu satellite

Saw galileo often but never connected to…

This is quite interesting because it means that despite its investment (€10bn) and its technology the Galileo constellation is useless mainly because geopolitically speaking the Europe has no negotiation power enought compared to USA, Russia and Chine. This despite being a prosperous market with its own fiat-currency and 400mln of people living. It sounds like a sad story. Therefore under the PoV of functionality having the Galileo system available on the phone can be useless but under the PoV of a memento, it is very important to us.

Does sailfish os support Galileo at all? Or is this strictly a hardware feature?