Sony Xperia 10 II - Lock bootloader after SFOS flash


I managed to get SFOS installed on a Xperia 10 II. When starting the device a message is shown that the bootloader is unlocked and should be locked again. The install instructions and with flashing SFOS. Is it possible to lock the bootloader after SFOS is installed?

Not sure if this is connected but when I turn on the phone, I need to enter my pin twice. If I do not enter the first puin right away the phone will turn off again. Is this a normal behavior?

If you lock the bootloader now, Sony’s Android will be installed again and Sailfish OS will be wiped.

The first Security Code entry is to unlock encryption. The second one is to unlock the main screen, after which e.g. fingerprints can be used to unlock.
Depending on whether your SIM has a PIN that’s needed to enable it, that may be required as well.

Phone turning off is NOT appears to be normal for the initial unlock screen. However, are you sure it actually turns off, and does not just enter power saving mode?


Noticed this as well with SFOS4. The phone turns off if you do not enter the first ( LUKS ) code after some minutes.
And would say this is intended behaviour?

When my cantankerous XA2 Ultra crashes, it restarts to the LUKS lock screen, but if I don’t catch it (since it was in my pocket or on a desk somewhere else) it shuts down after a while, I assume to save power. When it crashes and restarts while on the charger, the lock screen stays on indefinitely, which suggests – but doesn’t prove – that shutting off on battery alone after a timeout is intentional.