Sony Xperia 10 for sale


I have a Sony Xperia 10 for sale that i have buy on 23/09/2020.
It has also a screenprotector on it from day 1 there is also a backcover case with it.
The device is into new state.
I have Sailfish OS on it with Android Support if it is needed i can give you my logins and everything so you can keep the Android Support. As i don’t need the logins anymore.

Make me a price offer + shipping cost shipping only into the EU.
For more info you can contact me via PM.

BTW: I have ask Vige that i can post this here and it was ok.

Is it single SIM or double SIM ?

It is a single SIM version.

So the phone is brand new? What about 170 EUR?

Indeed it is brand new, price seems OK for me send me a PM it would be better here do not spam the forum.


The device is SOLD!