Sony vendor image not found

Hi guys , i have all files in the same directory but during the flash i’m receiving this error
Thanks in advance

SONY XF5121 - Is the first time in two years i receive this error!

Did you unzip it as the error message says?

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Yes, now i have files like this (image)

Ugh, Windows hiding file extensions makes it quite hard to see. It should end in .img.
Which reminds me i was reading the wrong flasher script to try and see what could have happened.

I’m not good at reading bat scripts… so i can really only guess.
Try using it from somewhere that doesn’t have spaces in the path or directory names.
Try running it from cmd.exe where you have cd’ed to that directory.

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I’ll try out

Sucess from from CMD

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I’m so happy i don’t use Windows any more :slight_smile:


Me too, but i’m without computer at home this month …lol (The flashing was at work :wink: ) lol