Something that bothers me in 4.5

I did a clean install, on version 4.5 I needed to restart the phone more times than on version 4.4 due to various bugs that happened with the android apps, they were opening by themselves after I closed it, the aptoide app pops up every time I restart the phone (since I uninstalled it) their performance is very bad compared to the 4.4 version, what bothers me the most are the green stripes that keep appearing on instagram and tiktok videos, if anyone has an idea how to improve the performance of android apps and the green stripes.
in the new functions and system performance is great.

It would help if you added also what device we are talking here about. Can’t say that I’ve seen any green stripes on Xperia 10 II at least when browsing Youtube etc. for instance. Might you get screenshots of those green stripes as well?


I have the same issue on the Xperia 10 II running sailfish os When I play videos in the instagram android app there are sometimes (not always) green artifacts flickering in the video. Before version 4.5 I did not have this issue. It is difficult to get a screenshot because the green artifact isnt there for long and there is no clue to know when the artifact is going to pop up.


I installed Instagram on my X10 III, but couldn’t reproduce. I watched more than 50 videos and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Seems like this is device-specific behaviour.

strange that after I updated it was like this and when I went back to android it continued with the same problem

I wonder if it’s related to:

could you try going to and starting a random chat to see what happens to the video on the selfie camera?

So, you get the green stripes on Sailfish and then flashed back to Android and you have the same problem using Android?

Or did i musunderstand you?

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yes, that’s right, I even thought it was a problem with the cell phone itself

it’s the xperia 10 ii, I can’t capture it but I’ll make a video